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My Way: Ariane Glazer


Ariane, the rawgirl of rawgirl events, has been a community organizer and educator in Chicago for most of her life. Her passion for creating opportunities for human connections sparked her to become the founder and director of the Raw Chicago Community. She plans organizes classes, lectures, community events, retreats, annual Green Gratitude Celebrations, and festivals. Ariane’s newest adventure is the Green Synergy Festival, the inaugural “Midwest Raw Fest,” happening August 20–22, 2010. You can learn more about Ariane’s passion for connecting people on her website GreenSynergyFestival.

My Way: Ariane

Saturday - I got called into work early, at 5:30am, yes, on a Saturday. I work at the Evanston Farmer’s Market as a trade for food. My farmer is beyond organic and I am blessed to eat the most nutritious and delicious food during the market season in Chicago. Today I came home with sweet potato greens! I believe it is important to vary the greens you consume so you can get the maximum nutrition from all that Mother Nature has to offer. Those sweet potato greens will go in my next green smoothie. At the market, I snacked on an exotic variety of green beans, raw okra, Japanese cucumbers, and fresh basil leaves.

After the market I came home and made a delicious salad with Flashy Butter Oak lettuce and some of the heirloom tomatoes that had spots on them that the customers rejected – delicious. I also made some raw corn on the cob – one of my favorites. I learned from my farmer Henry that all organic farmers that grow heirloom organic corn (no GMO here) eat their corn raw. My corn on the cob recipe is: break the corn in half or in three pieces with your hands, put in a bowl or big ziplock bag, add a few dashes of olive oil or flax oil, shake in some sea salt, shake the bowl or bag a lot, and voila – the best corn on the cob ever!

I have been on the raw path for almost 10 years and I love myself raw. I am in my 40's, and I have just as much energy as I did when I was in my 20's. I can work a 12-hour day and I don’t get tired. I have a lot of mental clarity, feel calm, can stay focused, and most importantly, I am happy. I’m inspired by the raw lifestyle, and I love sharing this information with people. I have tried a lot of different things in my raw journey these past 10 years and I am back to basics: I eat simply most of the time. Greens are the heart center and core of my raw lifestyle. For the past five years, ever since I started drinking green smoothies daily, I’ve been feeling the best I ever have.

Sunday - Worked in my garden a bit, I am excited to see a lot of purslane growing. I think it came from my friend’s garden as she gave me a lot of seedlings and she must have had purslane seeds in her dirt, because I had no purslane last year. For those of you who aren't familiar with purslane, it is a wild edible (yes, a weed) that has a considerable amount of omega-3 fatty acids and it grows everywhere, it grows out of cracks in the sidewalk! I finally staked up the “volunteer” tomatoes I have growing out of my compost pile, they are huge. I grew up in the concrete jungle in the city of Chicago and so gardening is new for me, ah, the magic of working with the Earth… love it.

Made a quick “fruitarian” salad – cucumbers, sweet pepper, tomato, basil, lemon and zucchini for the raw potluck later today. But first, I went with some friends to a local street festival, where we danced to the fiery samba beats – our favorite Chicago samba band was playing. Oh, do I love dancing.

Last Fall in Chicago, we started having these amazing raw dance parties with raw chocolates and elixirs. I am so excited to bring that fantastic energy to the first Midwest raw green festival that I am organizing.


Monday - Went for a long cool morning walk with my husband by Lake Michigan. Rebounded for 30 minutes on my new rebounder, a great workout!  Afterwards, my sweet potato leaf, sorrel, banana and peach green smoothie got me fired up to tackle my huge to-do list.

I have been organizing raw events and potlucks for eight years in Chicago, and creating community is my passion. This summer, I am pouring all my energy into creating the Green Synergy Festival, which has been a dream of mine the last five years. I feel very connected to the messages of our three main speakers, Victoria Boutenko, Tim VanOrden, and Chavah Aima, as they all embody the philosophy of living simply and green, and being sensible in our choices and respectful to the Planet.
At 11:30pm, I finally got into the kitchen to make my husband’s raw lunch for tomorrow. I am blessed to have a partner who is also raw, and making meals is how I help him stay on the path. I made a quick gazpacho with fragrant farmer’s market basil, and a yummy pico de gallo salad with tomatillos, shallots, lime, avocado, cilantro, and tomatoes.

Tuesday - Green smoothie to start the day, and then right back to work on my project. Victoria told me how important it is to create a statement of what I envision for the festival and Chavah inspired me to use the power of my imagination. So, today I created my statement and when my friend Roman came over to compost his veggie scraps, I read him some of my Green Synergy Festival Envisioning Statement: “I see 350 people drinking green smoothies and laughing. It is a beautiful sunny day with a warm breeze, people are connecting, sharing, learning, singing, doing yoga, and being inspired. The music starts, the elixir bar is cranking out magical smoothies; we are dancing, smiling and laughing...!”

I want to help create a world where we all belong – where we can all be ourselves and everyone is accepted, where we can share, learn, explore, and inspire each other to create, play, live healthy, and be happy. This is what Green Synergy is all about.

My name is Ariane and this is My Way.  

Ariane currently lives in Chicago with her raw marathon runner husband Rob. Check out her website, GreenSynergyFestival, friend her up on Facebook, become a fan of the Festival on Facebook, or catch her on Twitter.