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My Way: Santiago Guido


Santiago Guido is a personal trainer, martial arts instructor and raw food fitness coach, who has always believed in the healing powers of meditation. He started his raw food journey, with his wife, in the year 2008 and was amazed at the tremendous amount of energy and stamina that he had throughout the day, and during his 2 ½ hour workout routine. He has made it his life mission to spread the word about the power of raw foods and how it can enhance your fitness goals. Not only can you lose fat but also gain muscle and strength from eating on a raw food lifestyle. Santiago also believes that growing your own organic garden  is a key to getting the best food available. Not only is it more healthy for you and supports a sustainable planet, but he also strongly feels it’s very important to spend time out in nature with your bare feet to connect with Mother Earth.

As a husband and father of four, Santiago understands the difficulty of juggling work, family and staying healthy. He enjoys working one-on-one with people to help them reach their fitness goals. You can find Santiago at his website The Raw Food Muscle and see his videos on is YouTube Channel.

My Way: Santiago

Thursday - Waking up at around 6:30 am to kids screaming, “It’s mine! No, it’s mine!” Walk downstairs to break up the argument and keep the peace. Serenity Now! Kathy starts breakfast for the kids while I start an awesome yummy raw green shake for us. Walk outside in our garden barefoot to take a few big deep breaths, connecting with nature, and saying hi to all my plants as well as give them water. For the past few years Kathy and I have been moving towards being more sustainable by growing as much of our own fruits and vegetables as possible. You just can‘t beat the taste and nutritional value of organic food grown with the love that you give to it. Even though we really don’t eat eggs anymore (our kids do), we have 12 chickens in our backyard that give us eggs every day. After feeding our kids, the remainder of the eggs go to our local soup kitchen, neighbors, or get sold to the organic market.

Time to take the kids to the park so they can burn some energy (man, I can’t wait for school to start). After getting back from the park, it’s time to upload the video of the day while having a raw snack. Later that morning, I watch some of my favorite workout videos to get in the zone and go down to the house of pain (my basement). After my 2 hour workout routine I drink a raw green shake mixed with yummy fruits, now it’s time to get back to work, strategizing a workout regiment and high raw meal plan for my new client.

It’s time go outside and play with the kids before dinner. For dinner we make my favorite pesto with kelp noodles, while the kids eat some fish with steamed rice and vegetable (hoping the veggies are not the only thing left on the plate). Our kids journey into high raw is a slow and painful process. After dinner the kids go to watch one of there favorite Disney movies while we enjoy some of our home made raw chocolate fudge, it tastes so good! It’s finally time for the kids to go to bed. Yay! We love our kids to death but when you are outnumber 4 to 2 (ages 8,6,4 and 2), trying to run 2 businesses, and caring for 4 kids 24/7, it can be very challenging. Now that the kids are in bed, we spend the rest of the night enjoying our quite time together.

Friday - I woke up first thing in the morning to do an awesome 30-minute cardio routine on my recumbent bike. There’s nothing like starting your day with some cardio to help get your heart moving and set the pace for the rest of the day. It also helps speed up your metabolism throughout the day, which is great if you are trying to shred off some extra weight.

After my shower I go to make a cacao super food shake which is one of my favorite shakes. Who doesn’t like chocolate? I am off to do a raw food fitness presentation at one of my local gyms to help spread the word on the power of training on raw foods. I am making it my mission in life to educate as many people on the benefits of eating a high raw lifestyle. The seminar went extremely well and met lots of new people and possibly some new clients. It’s great to see so many people really wanting to get more into a raw lifestyle.


Once I got back home I take my shoes off for a walk in my yard and hang out with Kathy and the kids before I start my weight training routine. It’s such a beautiful day and I love the feeling I get from walking barefoot on the grass and the breeze blowing through my hair (oh wait, I have no hair). Lol. Time for dinner and tonight were making collard salad with steamed veggies and raw teriyaki sauce, while the kids indulge in a pizza. After dinner we all go back outside and hang out until bedtime. Once the kids are in bed Kathy and I go over possible products for The Raw Food Muscle business.

Saturday - Today I woke up to my son kicking me in my face, I guess he snuck into our bed sometime during the night. I start my day with a nice bowl of sprouted buckwheat cereal with fruits and fresh almond milk. I’m off to go teach martial arts, which is something I really enjoy doing. I have been into martial arts ever since childhood and have learned many different styles. I have such a great respect for all forms of martial arts. After the class, I stuck around and do some one-on-one sparing with my sifu.

It’s time to go home to visit the house of pain again to train legs (I hope I make it back up the stairs). As the day draws to an end Kathy and I go over our website and some of the new programs we will be offering, as well as discussing video topics for the coming week.

Sunday - Start the day off with a quick sprint and walk, which is not only great for the cardiovascular system, but it helps build the legs and burn fat.  After my run I have one of my favorite raw green shakes, and soon we’re off to do some shopping at our local organic market, and then the farmer’s market. The fun part about coming home for shopping is how to fit all the stuff in our frig, especially when it comes to young Thai coconuts.


After unloading all the fresh produce, I take some time go out back to sit under  my tree and meditate for a good 40 minutes.  For me meditation is a very important part of my life, not only to unwind and connect with nature, but to feel the endless expansion of the universe and to remember where I came from. I first began to meditate about 20 years ago to heal my shoulders, instead of going through surgery. Then after learning the true healing powers that we all possess within ourselves, I started diving deeper into higher states of consciousness, which took me into a much deeper level of understanding.

As the day draws to an end Kathy and I discuss our excitement on all the wonderful things we have planned for the week. It is such an amazing feeling to see how we are making a big change in peoples’ lives, and how inspired they’ve been by us. But the truth is they are the ones who have inspired us.

My name is Santiago and this is My Way

Santiago lives in Maryland with his wife Kathy and their 4 children. You can find his website The Raw Food Muscle, which offers raw food fitness coaching, gear, and e-books. He also has a recipe book coming out in late fall. You can also watch Santiago's videos on his YouTube Channel, or Like him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.