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My Way: Meredith Geller


Meredith Geller, as a holistic nutrition and lifestyle consultant, guides her clients towards radiant health and vitality. She passionately believes in the transformative power of cleansing one’s system in order to achieve a higher state of well-being. Meredith lives and loves the holistic lifestyle and hopes that her commitment inspires clients and offers a sense of shared mission.

My Way: Meredith

Friday - I have never been to Aspen in the summer. However, I am fortunate enough to be spending 8 whole days here (a little vacation time, moments with extended family and friends, and a bit of education thrown in- PERFECT). Jewel tones of the earth magnified at every turn. It is not possible to be in the presence of such brilliance and feel separate from anything.

I am staying with family who know every inch of this town (including all hikes, summer events, and restaurants), which makes me feel even more at ease, as I won’t have to spend much time on that kind of research. Right off the plane I am already exhilarated. The air is crisp and clean and instantly I feel completely different in this environment. Elliot (my relative) is at the gate and takes me directly to a wonderful health food store in the next town over to stock the house with foods I love. How sweet of him. I feel at home.

I buy up some gorgeous produce for juicing (did I mention he bought a Breville for the house upon my suggestion?), including watermelon, cucumber, kale, apples, ginger and various other staples (greens, more fresh fruit, dried figs and dates, raw seeds and almonds, carrots, beets, squash, swiss chard, quinoa, and spices). When I travel I always pack Himalayan salt, nori, herbal teas, a variety of dried herbs, and some simple raw chocolate in case I have a sweet tooth. In my day-to-day life, I infrequently choose the sweet type of treats anymore, but it feels comforting to have around when traveling for some reason. I find preparation and organization is key until the world catches up with us (us being the ones who like to eat clean, fresh, organic, unadulterated, simple, delicious, gorgeous foods all the time, at every meal).

We get home and I throw on my bikini and head out to the deck. Stunning weather. It’s really quite magical. I snap some pics around the house in the back (fields of wildflowers far and wide compel me to) and then lay down. I feel calm and at peace. It just feels so lovely here. Quiet and still, shades of green, blue, and speckled yellow everywhere, white fluffy clouds in the distance. Sheer heaven.

Saturday - Wake up early and I let Gus the dog out. Make some fresh cucumber apple juice for everyone in the house and then head to town for the first day of the Environment Forum at the Aspen Institute, which is a remarkable place. Aspen Institute’s Mission Statement: to foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society, and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and acting on critical issues. The grounds are gorgeous. The weather is off the charts.

Gratitude abounds.
I need to pinch myself.

The schedule for three days is basically the same: There is a main morning session that everyone attends, and then concurrent sessions all day so one has to pick and choose. I want to go to every single panel discussion, of course.

Melting Arctic: Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World, Plastic Planet: Stemming the Tide of Waste, Efficient Energy: Why Is It So Hard to Change? Environmental Deficit Disorder: The Biology of (Not) Being Outdoors. Nature’s DNA Bank: The Rising Value of Biodiversity, Food: A Second Green Revolution.

I mean, really! Finally, I decide which lectures to attend. I meet some amazing people, including two Italian men from Rome who are sponsored by their companies to be here. During lunchtime they offer to cook my cousin Marissa and I an authentic Italian meal at our house. Yeah, we excitedly jump all over that!!

So now it’s off the market again. Fresh spaghetti with tomato and basil and linguine with carbonara (I supplemented rice pasta and ate the tomato basil option). There is something about a man from Italy, who naturally once worked in a restaurant in Rome, preparing a simple dish in a beautiful kitchen in the middle of one of the most gorgeous places in the country that just makes the food taste BETTER! They all kind of scoffed at my rice pasta substitution, but I love it and think the meal and the company is both delightful.

Sunday - Things like this simply do not happen to me in NYC. I wake up at around 6:15am, roll over, and quietly staring at me literally about 3 feet away is a young mule deer (determined by his antlers). Did I mention the room I am staying in is like a crystal box, with floor to ceiling windows on both walls? To be honest, I’m not even really that startled. I slowly reach for my iPhone, which luckily is right next to me already, and start snapping away. He is so curious. We stare at each other for at least 5 minutes, and then suddenly he turns his head, then turns his body, and is gone with the wind. Gus, the house dog immediately trailing behind him, is barking away. If not for Gus, there is no telling how long he would’ve been there. No words to describe how truly stunning this experience was. I am happy to have been able to appreciate it so much, normally waking up to a view of brownstones living in the concrete jungle.

Next on the agenda: my first hike. I go with Elliot’s brother-in-law who is here for the Environment Forum. All we have to do is walk out the back of the house and head up. There is some of the best hiking in the area behind the house. I like this.

Almost two hours later our lungs are filled with fresh oxygen. The Anaerobic Nightmare trail is no walk in the park, but we both feel so accomplished once at the top. It is well worth it. On the way we see a million Aspen trees, bear claw marks, wildflowers, streams, butterflies, birds…and the sounds! The sounds! Peaceful yet powerful. I am in awe and promise myself to take this feeling back with me and draw upon it when I am smack in the middle of NYC and all of the madness again.

For now, I just breathe.

My name is Meredith and this is My Way

Meredith, born and raised in NYC continues to call this great city her home. She loves fresh green juice, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, and of course her amazing clients. You can find out more about holistic wellness and nutrition at MeredithGeller.com. For fun health updates, follow her on Twitter or friend her on Facebook.