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My Way: Noelle Twiggs


Noelle Twiggs is the founder of Green Lemonade, a healthy living guide. It’s for women everywhere who want to live more naturally, eat well and still do it in style.  Friend Noelle on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.  Noelle lives in New York City with her husband.

My Way: Noelle

After working on Wall Street for over a decade, I started GreenLemonade.com to celebrate the fact that living a naturally cleansing and rejuvenating lifestyle can be chic and fun. Everyday, my goal is just about doing fabulous, fun, feel-good things and inspiring other people to do the same (good thing I love my job). 

Thursday - Wake up with the sun, roll out of my bed and stroll onto my patio to take in a breath of the warm, summer beach air. This summer I’m fortunate to be spending time between my apartment in New York City and a little pad in the Hamptons. Let’s just say that I’m totally PUMPED. There is so much fabulousness to be celebrated in the Hamptons. I wake up excited everyday.

After a few moments of reflection on the deck, I head inside and change into my swimsuit, grab a wetsuit and surfboard and head down to the beach for a morning swim. This summer I’ve promised myself that I’m going to learn how to surf. Even if it means floating on top of the longest and thickest Cadillac board there is, I’m going to conquer those waves. Watch out Montauk! 

After a few early morning hours in the surf (it’s just so revitalizing!) I head to my favorite smoothie shop in Montauk, Joni’s, and grab a green smoothie. I love my morning green smoothie, it’s so energizing.  I head back to my pad, smoothie in hand, to do some writing for Green Lemonade.

Later in the afternoon, a friend calls and invites me for a bike ride down to the local farmers market to check out the bounty for a home cooked dinner. I love my farmers market trips, and jump at the opportunity. While we’re cruising around checking out the mid-day local scene, we stop and celebrate the day with a yummy salad and some freshly made hummus.

I wrap up the day with a few more hours of work, a fun homemade meal with my husband and call it a night.

Friday - Photo shoot baby! Today I’m invited to dress up and be fabulous. Who could turn that down? I’m off to do a summer photo session in response to a request I got from a magazine. I put on my favorite party dress, toss up my hair and add a splash of makeup and head out. Before I’m out the door, my husband hands me a morning breakfast smoothie he has made for me. Love that guy.

At the shoot, the crew and I have some laughs and share some smiles. I’m excited to see how the photos and the article turn out.

Early afternoon comes and we wrap up the shoot and sit down for lunch. The guys at the shoot have ordered lunch for everyone – a fabulous spread of farm fresh, summer delights. Delicious.

After a fun morning, I head home finish up some writing and prepare dinner together with my husband and a family friend.  Preparing and enjoying a good, quality meal together with my husband and good friends has become an event I look forward to every night.


Saturday - Beach bound. My husband is up at dawn because he has checked the surf report the night before and the waves are supposed to be PULSING. “Yikes!” I think to myself. Not sure I’m quite ready for a pulsing surf day, I’m still working on the double-overtoe days. Ha! But nonetheless, I hop into the car with him and we head over to the beach. I bring a book just in case the waves are too big for me.  Indeed, the waves are big. I give them a go though and then satisfied with my efforts tuck into a good book while my husband spends the next hour in the water. 

We’re starving after the adrenaline of the morning surf session and head into town for a rejuvenating breakfast. I’ve been craving a bowl of fresh berries and an iced tea. My husband enjoys a surprisingly delicious rice-bagel with almond butter. We then prepare an early lunch, and head back down to the beach for another afternoon surf session. After all, you have to take advantage of a good wave day when you can! 

After a fun day, we meet up with some friends at our favorite sunset restaurant in Montauk, Surf Lodge, and have a bite to eat. Before we know it, we are dancing until late….

Sunday - After such a big water day on Sunday, we take a little time this morning and relax.  My muscles are a tad bit sore.  But after a bit of down time and a peruse of the Sunday Times, I’m ready to head back out into the water again for another rush of adrenaline.

My name is Noelle and this is My Way

Noelle lives in New York City with her husband. You can friend her up on Facebook or follow her on Twitter. Also be sure to check out Green Lemonade.