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An Ode to Raw Christmas


An Ode to Raw Christmas

Do delusions of Sugar Plum’s spin in your head,
while you lie wide awake just envisioning bread?

Does that little black dress seem just a little too small?
Did your feet take a beating at the local mall?

Do you go to the parties in deep contemplation
Just wondering how to get past all temptation?

Trade the cocktails for mocktails, don’t pack on the pounds!
Give your colon a break or you’ll feel slightly bound.

Take a deep breath and exhale, pop an enzyme or two
Try a foot rub, a scalp rub, raw cookies will do.

Have a bite here or there, no need to deprive
But remember how raw food makes you feel so alive!

Be true to yourself, cuz it’s all up to you
Give a smile, give a hug, eat a kale chip or two!

When the parties are over and the fun’s all been had
You’ll wake up next year and you’ll feel very glad
That you watched what you ate and you knew how to breathe
You’ll feel rather great and have little to grieve

Go out for a walk with a spring in your step
So happy were you to have NOT overslept!

Find a cooked or SAD person who’s walking too slow
Just sit down and tell them the treasures you know!

Blessings surround us with each apple slice,
the chard wraps, the spinach, it’s all very nice!

Be grateful and humble you are who you are
Because of your diet you shine like a star!

Happy Holidays
From Lori and The Crew at We Like It Raw