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Welcome 2-0-1-2 and Happy New Year to you!

As promised today, we have an amazing article from an amazing woman, doctor and dear friend of mine! Dr Ariel Policano! So, read on for some great tips for cleansing in the new year!




The New Year is truly a perfect time to clear and make space within your body with a cleansing program. Many people find themselves thinking a similar thought when there are one too many holiday parties and even if there was amazingly healthy food, maybe you still found that you just at too much of it!

Taking time for a cleanse has so many benefits it is hard to name them all. The fact that doctors everywhere do not recommend regular cleansing is surprising because it is one of the most important things you can do to prevent the development of chronic illness in the body.  

The traditional naturopathic doctors of the early twentieth century spoke of “morbid matter” (crazy term!) being the main cause of any disease from the common cold to cancer. The residue in the body created by undigested food, stressful thoughts, or toxins taken into the body (alcohol as an example) contributed to this morbid matter.

Really, it is like as if you never cleaned house. If you never swept your home, dusted, vacuumed and took out the trash, what would your home look like? It’s that way inside your body.  

The idea of cleansing, which usually involves some type of change in your food intake and using herbs or juices to aid in the process of moving out this harmful metabolic waste, is like a thorough inner house cleaning.

The body, then, becomes so profoundly happy that you experience it through a surprising shift in your energy, improved mental clarity, better mood and even the loss of unwanted pounds. When done well, the results of cleansing can feel nothing short of like having new life!  



Here are the things to look for as you consider a strategy for cleansing that will result in success for you.  

 1) Begin a cleanse that you believe you know maintain. For example, it might not be realistic to water fast or do the master cleanse if you have to work every day. Mental activity takes a lot of energy out of the body, and mental stress makes it tough to do a fasting cleanse. A cleanse that focuses on cleansing foods or one that involves vegetable juicing would be a better choice. 


2) Consider using high quality herbs to enhance your cleanse. Organic or wildcrafted herbs can support the organs of elimination in the body such as the kidneys, the liver, the colon and the lymphatic system.

What would happen if you cleaned your entire house from top to bottom and made it sparkle, but instead of taking the bags of trash out, you left them piled up at the door of your home? Cleansing without the assistance of these helpful herbs can end up the same way. You move the toxins in the body, but they remain in the blood or the colon and become reabsorbed if not removed quickly. 


3) Allow time in your day for the process of preparing for a cleanse and for increased amounts of rest. Be sure you can have longer sleep time. Going to bed by 9:30- 10pm is one of the best things you can do! The body is working hard while on a cleanse and needs this down time to focus on healing the body. 


4) Do more than just juice of change your food program. Be sure to do gentle yoga, take healthy walksand practice breathing exercises. We clear about 60% of toxins through our lungs compared to 6% through our colon.

This is an incredible fact that reminds us that deep breathing exercises are crucial to our success in cleansing and our good health overall.  


5) Commit to a start day and an ending day on your cleanse. The best thing to do is to begin a cleanse with a friend! Having accountability means you won’t give up on your cleanse at the first difficulty or temptation.  

Cleansing is an absolute necessity to good health. It is as important as exercise and eating well (even raw). The clearing of waste from the body is so important it can’t be emphasized enough! The instant feedback from the body is the sense of rejuvenation, an enhanced feeling of well-being.

Even raw foodists can benefit from cleansing. When too many raw desserts creep in, or gourmet raw food, it is time to lighten up and clear the body. Due to our childhood, the stresses and emotional traumas and the toxins we are exposed to each day, everyone will really benefit from cleansing twice per year.  


Dr. Ariel Policano, the Live Food Doctor, is a clinically trained naturopathic doctor. She has the training of a medical doctor combined with an extensive curriculum of natural therapeutics including herbal medicine, homeopathy, diet and exercise. She specializes in raw food therapies and cleansing programs. Ariel has created a 14-day complete cleansing kit called the Awaken Cleanse and can be found at livefooddoctor.com and awaken- cleanse.com.