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Featuring "Edible Goddess" Bethanne Wanamaker!

I'm so excited to be featuring Bethanne Wanamaker today! I've been following the amazing things Bethanne has been up to for a few years now and I'm honored that she agreed to do a piece here! If you don't already know her, read on to be inspired by her genuine and loving spirit. Bethanne was also just featured in Beautiful Voices with Annmarie Gianni. Check out her post to read more on Bethanne and the courage she brings to everything she does on the planet!  http://www.annmariegianni.com/beautiful-voices-bethanne-wanamaker 


Bethanne is the founder of Edible Goddess, co-author of Superfood Beauty Elixirs, and a featured author in “Thank God I: Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation, volume 3”. She founded Edible Goddess to teach emerging health enthusiasts how to take their health to the next level, have more core energy, resilience to stress, and everlasting vitality and youth.

In her own words......

I eat a high raw organic diet for many reasons, and primarily I do so because it makes me feel more alive! Quite simple really, but the healthier I eat for me, the better I feel and better I look. It's a very motivating concept especially when we recognize that food has the power to unleash our irresistible potential and activate the superhero within, and it's been radically life-transforming for me. 


I was clued into the raw foods lifestyle in the fall of 2001 yet it took me several years before I embraced it. When I did, it was in the heart of winter and I was traveling down the west coast for a tour manager position I was in at the time, away from the comfort of my own kitchen. While on the road I had picked up a bug that made life uncomfortable (digestive distress) and somehow intuitively my body knew it needed juice to get a high level of nutrition while I bounced back.

The week-long juicing stink led to eating only raw foods and before I knew it, it had been an entire month and I had eaten all raw. Amazing really, because this was unplanned in the midst of a chilly winter in WA and OR (eventually to CA), and done completely by accident - I love that :) I think my body had to get sick for the last time to gently place me on this path of raw and living food goodness.


Now, I teach superfood-infused raw food and chocolate making desserts classes in the San Francisco north bay area, and host private intensive retreats at my home for health-conscious women who want to consult privately with me while learning how to make nutrient-dense goodies in the kitchen - somewhat of a very condensed version of my coaching programs (available in 3, 6, and 12 month commitments). 

My newest adventure is co-hosting replenishing retreats at exotic places around the world (Bali in late May 2012 for 7 days at Michael Franti's beautiful Soulshine Retreat Center) that will include living fusion cuisine, tonic beauty elixirs (this part is all me), gorgeous fresh juices, classes, workshops, dynamic flow yoga, kirtan, sound healing, and human design. Fun, right? Life is supposed to be. :)


Bethanne and Christian

My boyfriend whips up ridiculously dee-lish dishes all the time and has a superb talent at creating the raw versions of our old traditional cuisine favorites. We joined forces to write Superfood Beauty Elixirs (with a foreword by David Avocado Wolfe) in October 2010 to do just this - offer low-glycemic cocktail-like recipes that are reminiscent of our favorite childhood drinks (sodas, slushy's, fizzy drinks, chocolate milkshakes, etc). The meal I cannot live without is my "kraut mash": raw sauerkraut, avocado, spirulina and sprouts as the base, with apple cider vinegar, seaweed, and a drizzle of freshly pressed organic black sesame or chia seed oil or with homemade stone ground tahini all mashed together in creamy paradise.

As a side note, I don't subscribe to any labeled dietary approach nor define myself by the percentage of raw foods I eat, but rather eat intuitively because when I do, my health continues to skyrocket and my choices are in harmony with Nature.


I eat a lot of food from my epic organic garden that's been amended with rock dust and sea minerals, which has turned out to be the best health decision I've ever made. For me, this lifestyle is everything that it's cracked up to be, providing you learn to listen to your own body and don't rely on anyone outside of yourself to determine what's best for you. I do love the idea of having the best day ever, every day and wish it for you, too!

Stay Inspired,

Bethanne Wanamaker

Founder, EdibleGoddess.com

Co-Author, Superfood Beauty Elixirs; http://SuperfoodBeautyElixirs.com  

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Keep up with Bethanne on her sites for continued inspiration and events! Do YOU have a story you would like to share? Please email me! 

In Love and Health, 

Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC