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Introducing Greg Ashby, Holistic Health Counselor



I’m excited to introduce Greg Ashby, Holistic Health Coach and fellow IIN’er (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) http://www.integrativenutrition.com/ who lives near me, here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Greg is also currently a moderator on the IIN student forum!

Greg’s focus, when counseling clients is always on what we IIN’ers call “Primary Foods". Primary Foods are relationships, physical fitness, career, spirituality...essentially everything non edible. Really, no matter how much broccoli you eat, if the rest of your life is out of balance you won’t truly be healthy. 


Greg also attended The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado.

Here’s what Greg has to say about the school....“At the Institute for The Psychology of Eating, they teach that what we eat is only half the story of good nutrition. The other half of the story, our nutritional metabolism is profoundly affected by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It’s directly impacted by our level of stress or relaxation during meals. It’s elevated by the amount of pleasure we receive with eating. It’s energized when we have compassion for our fears about weight and body image. And finally, our metabolism is enlivened when we experience a healthy relationship with the Earth, and with our inner spiritual life.” To learn more about this school, click here: http://psychologyofeating.com/  

Greg works for Askdrgarland.com where he formulates supplemental products, writes health articles and works with clients going through health challenges. At Askdrgarland.com they refer to Greg as "Guru Greg, the Health Maestro"....Below is an article from the website introducing Greg. For more info check out http://www.askdrgarland.com

 Meet “Guru Greg”, the Health Maestro

July 16th, 2010

Every day is special to me. Simple things like watching the sun come up over the mountains in the morning still takes my breath away.

Today is extra special! A wonderful, close friend and I think one of the greatest walking, talking encyclopedia on all matters dealing with natural medicine and health, has agreed to join our team.

We go “way, way back”, to when I first came to America and started out in the little town of Ogden, Utah, over 22 years ago. We met at a true gem of a health food store called Bright Day Health Foods, run by an angel and true missionary of health and healing, Bessie Shafer. I had lunch there every single day, the food was just fabulous. The manager of the store was a dead-ringer for Randy Johnson, the major league baseball pitcher, and I wondered, “what is he doing working in a health food store?”

He sure knew his stuff and day by day, lunch by lunch, we became close friends and confidantes. He is a wealth of information and helped guide me in my own quest for health and recovery from cancer, Greg literally knew the background on the herbs, vitamins and minerals in every single bottle in the store.

We’ve stayed in close contact over the ensuring 22 years and now it is a truly moving event for Dale, Laura and me to welcome Greg to the team. We know you will find him to be a superb source of information and help with any of your health and healing questions and also all of our formulas.

In fact, Greg is the genius behind our new Age-Less Rx formula, featuring his favorite “adaptogenic” herb, Holy Basil, for its anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties.

And he’s working on several more formulas with us as well!

Greg will also be writing articles for our newsletter and website, available for nutritional, health & lifestyle coaching, and occasionally answering our sales line.

So give the Baghwan of Betterment, the Maestro of Magnificent Health, “Guru Greg” a call now, toll-free at 877-975-9080 x307 or send an email.

“Look after yourself because no one else but GOD will.” (And now also Greg!)

Dr. G

For more on Greg visit his website http://coreessencehealth.com/

I'm so inspired these days as I actively reach out to connect with health folks all over the world. I get to see that we ARE making a difference in the world! Every single on of us that make even "small" contributions create a ripple effect that reaches so many people! So, plant a seed of knowledge and see how it can grow. Person by person we are reaching new heights of health on the planet!

Do YOU have a story to share??? Please email me at Sagestar@aol.com!

Have a beautiful and healthy weekend!

In Love and Health, Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC