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Raw Spring Cleanse in Santa Barbara with Ninaya


I met Ninaya about 10 years ago when I came to her retreat center in Corona, California to train in Watsu (Aquatic Bodywork). Ninaya is the embodiment of grace, wisdom and strength. As you will read in her bio, she brings the total package when it comes to health, bodywork, fitness and cleansing. 

Her programs are beautifully put together and offer a wealth of relaxation and knowledge, not to mention AMAZING raw food! 

Even if you don't live near by, this is one to travel for! So, check out what this beautiful woman has to offer!~~~Lori


Ninaya is a certified Nutritional Consultant, and has been Practitioner and Instructor of Colon Hydrotherapy since 1995 through the Internal Environment Institute and I-ACT. She's an omnivore with strong raw food tendencies, a health crusader of seasonal cleansing and balanced lifestyle.

She is also certified as a Yoga and Dance Teacher, an Aquatic Bodyworker, Pre-and Post-Natal Massage Therapist. A passionate wife and mother of two young sons birthed at home. Ninaya now lives in Goleta with her family and has a thriving healing-arts business.

Ninaya produces family yoga and healthy lifestyle retreats all over the world and has worked closely with leading health icons such as Anthony Robbins, Connie Allred and Harold Dull.


Spring Raw Cleanse
A Transformational Program

Saturday April 14, 2012, 10AM - 3PM

Join Ninaya for an action-packed day of tasting and preparing raw and seasonal foods and delicious super food beverages. Explore holistic health remedies and yoga practices that cleanse and balance.

sign up now - cost is $100

Special offer! Sign up for the Raw Cleanse before April 1, and receive 3, 

1 hour private sessions (colonics, massage, consultations) for half price. Total cost $250

Ninaya's Raw Cleanse is an information-packed transformational program;

Kriya (purification practices) and Hatha (physical postures) Yoga.
Powerful Holistic Health Remedies and easy to make Raw Foods Recipes.
Rejuvenating Drinks; Elixirs, Teas, Broths and Fresh Pressed Juices.
Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Internal Organ Cleansing Techniques.
Therapeutic Massage Modalities; Lymphatic Drainage and Watsu Massage.

The Raw Cleanse is an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you, change bad habits into new and vital habits, get expert support with and find out how to face health challenges, addictions, food and weight issues - Invest in your health... Welcome!

Spring is a natural time to cleanse - Cleansing will boost the immune system... Seasonal cleansing is a way to stay health conscious, establish balance, find inner peace and new inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In the Chinese system of the Five Elements, Spring season is correlated to the Wood element, which governs the Liver & Gall Bladder. The emotions associated with wood is joy and anger. The sound is shouting. The color is green. Together we will focus on gently nurturing, cleansing and balancing these organs with seasonal foods and appropriate practices, to generate greater vitality and self-awareness.

To do a cleanse with a group is supportive and powerful, as we learn from and become inspired by others, we also become accountable to the whole group. Participants often make friends, meet for potlucks and juice parties, have incredible realizations and implement a much healthier lifestyle.

Invite your friends and family to join, tell them about this life changing event you are embarking on, ask for their support as you invest in your health and well being.

Come learn and apply powerful health modalities, ask questions and get answers on issues that really concerns us. Have fun making raw and healthy food, explore nurturing healing arts and get deeper in touch with our power of natural healing.

The intention of the Raw Cleanse program is to provides a sacred circle of support, nurturing and self-realization, as well as to provide participants with the information, recipes and remedies to safely and easily enjoy a successful and long lasting cleanse.

What can I do to prepare for the Raw Cleanse program?

Start shifting your diet into a more cleansing diet, filled with fresh organic vegetable juices, fruit, salads and raw live food. Eliminate processed and refined food (sugar, wheat, fried anything), cut out or down on cooked foods, meat, dairy, coffee, alcohol, sodas, cigarettes and drugs. Breathe deeper! Sign up for aseries of colonics before and after the program.


Call Ninaya for more information or visit her website http://www.ninaya.com/


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In Love and Health,
Lori Clayton LMT, CHHC