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Cultivating The Sweet Life!

Excited to feature this extraordinary event with two amazing women! This 28 day in depth online program follows my personal beliefs that there is SO MUCH more to health than just food. If you are ready to go on a journey of self discovery, healing, reclaiming your power, hitting the reset button on you diet and deepening your ability to truly love your self, join Melissa and Natalia in their spring program Cultivating the Sweet Life!  


Extraordinary lives don’t just happen. They are Cultivated. Crafted. Nourished.

Cultivating the Sweet Life is an in-depth online program for women who are ready to transform their relationship to nourishment in a truly holistic way that addresses both the body and soul. Our course is a combination of inner work, practical skill building and raw food indulgence.

When your body is deeply nourished with living foods, and your soul is cared for with love and respect, you remember what it feels like to shine.  Your life becomes what it was meant to be—a radiant gift to this world.

  • falling back into old, unhealthy patterns when you get stressed
  • feeling like there’s not enough time for yourself
  • choosing foods that numb rather than nourish
  • cycling through phases of feeling overwhelmed, depleted and stretched thin
  • getting overwhelmed by relationship stressself-criticism, and outside pressures
  • losing your connection to your inner strength, purpose & creativity

  • understand how you get hooked into cycles of depletion and overwhelm
  • connect with what truly nourishes, restores and sustains you
  • experience the profound difference that happens when you practice
    restorative self-care and nourish your bodywith foods that are full of vitality
  • stop self-sabotaginggiving your power away, and letting your inner critic run the show
  • regain your center and stay grounded in difficult situations
  • reconnect with your strong, clear inner voice
  • feel a sense of belonging with a like-minded community of visionary women

Together, we set out on a 28 day quest to reignite your radiance on every level.

4 WEEKLY WORKBOOKS with teachings & exercises to facilitate a deep transformational process:

  • Illuminate your blind spots.  Understand and transform the core patterns that keep you from fully realizing your radiance and power
  • Develop self-care practices that keep you feeling truly nourished, cared for and connected to your core essence
  • Set clear boundaries and protect what is sacred to you
  • Develop skillful ways to stay grounded, resourceful and resilient in difficult situations
  • Align your actions with your visions and values
  • Own your power.  Shine your light.  Make your visions real.

4 WEEKLY RECIPE BOOKS by Pure Food Chef Natalia KW to help you:

  • Reignite your vibrant glow
  • Cleanse and detoxify without deprivation
  • Recover your inherent energy and vitality
  • Replace your old cravings with healthy, living comfort food.
    Small changes, big impact.
  • Discover tips and tricks to make raw food preparation easy and sustainable
  • Learn to prepare beautiful, emotionally satisfying, nutrient dense raw meals
    using local, organic, seasonal produce

4 WEEKLY GROUP Q&A SESSIONS with Melissa and Natalia to help you work through specific challenges along the way

EVOLUTIONARY PARTNERSHIPS: the opportunity to work in small groups for support & connection throughout the journey

ACCESS TO OUR PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY where you can connect with a community of visionary women who are on the same journey

Workbooks and recipe books will be delivered to your email weekly and mp3 recordings of the Q&A sessions will be available for download online. Access to our private online community begins on the day before the course.

which includes all 4 weeks of the teachings, guided exercises and recipes with full-color photos

to answer all of your individual questions along the way

Pure Pleasures and Cupcake Heaven raw food cookbooks by Natalia KW

+ Bonus PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS with Melissa or Natalia

Week 1: Preparation

Shining Light in Dark Places

Mapping the Territory
Understanding Patterns & Cycles
Conscious Nourishment
Establishing a Personal Practice

Living Foods for Sacred Bodies: Conscious Comfort 

Week 2: Purification

Awakening and Releasing

Understanding Resistance to Change
Transforming Self-Sabotaging Beliefs & Behaviors
Letting Go of Old Stories & Identities
Protecting What is Sacred

Living Foods for Sacred Bodies: Transitioning to New Traditions 

Week 3: Initiation 

Returning Home to Our Radiant Essence

Coming Home to Yourself
Rewiring for Radiance: The Neurobiology of Transformation
Recovering a Sense of Resilience & Resourcefulness
Cultivating Inner Stability

Living Foods for Sacred Bodies: Eating Light, Shining Bright

Week 4: Integration

Aligning Our Actions With Our Visions and Values

Integration: The Foundation of Integrity
Alignment, Ease & Inner Alchemy
Sustainable Radiance: Shining Your Light Without Burning Out
Actualization: Embodying Your Truth

Living Foods for Sacred Bodies: Sustaining Your Glow



  • 4 In-Depth Weekly Workbooks
  • 4 Weekly Recipe Books
  • 4 Weekly Group Q&A Sessions
  • Evolutionary Partnership Groups
  • Access to Our Private Online Community

Core Package: $149


Reclaiming your life, a life of passion, being able to be fully self expressed, is truly a life worth living! ~~Lori


In love and health, 

Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC