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Healing with Elaina Love & Her story of her beautiful son Dominic

In the Raw Food community, I had followed Elaina Love, an amazing Raw Food Chef and Cleansing and Detox Goddess, for quite awhile and 2 1/2 years ago when I read that her son Dominic was in treatment with leukemia I was dumb struck. I lost my daughter to leukemia as well. 

I was touched and so deeply moved at Elaina's grace, wisdom and beauty as she moved through this challenging time. When I lost my daughter I was in such a different place and only wish I had the awareness and spirit Elaina had through this ordeal and continues to shine with. I was blessed to have gotten to know Elaina through this journey and she truly has inspired my own deeper healing.  

I'm beyond honored that she has taken the time to write this beautiful story of her journey with Dominic and share her beautiful, loving heart. Thank you Elaina for sharing your heart. I love you. And thanks Dominic for shining your light and beautiful spirit!~~~Lori


It’s been 2 years since my son Dominic left his earthly body and traveled to what I believe to be a free, and beautiful place . On January 5, 2010 his body, so depleted and consumed by leukemia , shut down for good and released Dominic’s spirit from his heavy, painful existence.

Today, as I sit here 2 years later, typing this, I remember the hospice he died in and all the beautiful wonderful people who surrounded me at that moment. My sister, my parents, my niece and my loving friends Dorothy and Robert were all there to support and love us through our journey, while they experienced their own process. This article is not about the pain I experienced, it is about the joys I experienced and the love that I have for my son.

During the year that he was sick, we tried many things to heal him. Some of them were natural, but most consisted of chemotherapy and drugs. This is the last thing I thought I would ever experience in my personal life since allopathic medicine is something I have eschewed in my own life for 20 plus years.

An interesting thing happens when you have children, and some of you reading this may know what I am talking about. We have to let go of all expectations of how their childhood will be, what we think it should look like and even how we parent. I remember saying many times during my 14 years of motherhood that parenting is a spiritual growth experience, that we need to let go of our expectations and outcome. It was never truer when Dom got leukemia. 


Suddenly I found myself in the middle of a battle between what I thought was right and what I thought was wrong. At one point, I was fighting so hard, crying so hard and so angry about the fact that Dom was getting standard medical care and not doing what I thought he should be doing (going off of sugar and doing a raw food, wheatgrass diet), that I could see no joy, no optimism and no peace.

Then, one day sitting at my computer (I remember it vividly) a small voice came in and whispered “surrender”. I knew immediately what that meant. Stop the struggle, just love. Love Dom and his dad and everyone involved and just support the process. Be there for him, not antagonizing and struggling, but just loving and supporting. Be there for him in the only way I could, as his mother, as his support and as his friend.

After that moment (about 6 months after his diagnosis) everything got easier. I took him to his regular hospital visits, stayed with him night after night in a hospital room while he was pumped full of chemicals and just breathed and enjoyed every moment I could with him.


Towards the end of our year journey with leukemia, I asked Dominic, “Do you think you are going to die?”  And he said “No!” I know that may sound like a strange question for a mother to ask her sick child, but it just came out so casually and innocently and he answered back with no charge. It was all in the flow of things. I remember that moment so clearly too, exactly which road we were on and the exact spot even. Interesting which memories stay forever embedded in the mind.

I believe that he was right. He did not die, he is still alive, just in another form. He comes to me often through dreams, thoughts and messages from other people. I have had countless people who are close to me say that Dom gave them a message for me. Maybe because they are easy to access since they have no charge around it. Who knows? One friend who I consider to be very psychically active said she got these messages one day flooding through as she was thinking of me…it was from Dom, He said, “Don’t worry mom, I am so free!”

The gifts I received from Dominic in our 14 years together are beyond words. His kind, loving heart, his soft, gentle nature, his great sense of humor all contributed so much to my life and the lives of those around us. I remember so often saying often to people that Dominic was an angel in a body. I can’t even remember how many times I said that. And it turned out to be true.


Having reflected on Dom’s life for the past 2 years, I have come to the conclusion that Dominic’s life was not cut short at all. It was the perfect life and the perfect length for him. If the universe is a friendly place, then what could be good about Dominic dying, or transcending as I like to think of it? 

  • The amount of people in my raw food community that reached out and supported me both financially and energetically was astounding. The love I received was so beautiful and touching and heart opening.
  • Dom’s father and I had been friendly but not close after our divorce (10 years earlier) and we became really close again being a support system for each other. He was at the top of my call list. Dominic got to see his parents together again, treating each other with love, respect and kindness.
  • Dominic’s loving heart has been immortalized, and because of his illness I was as close with him as any mother would ever want to be with her child. Our last year together was beautiful, fun and memorable. We played hooky from school, went to movies, had a lot of fun together and did most of the things on his bucket list.
  • I remember him telling me during his last year in his body that he felt he had the best life ever, that he was happy and felt so lucky to be living this life.
  • He never complained (not even once) about his treatments, his hair loss, his nausea, his extreme pain as the leukemia took over his legs…never said “Why me?” This was a beautiful and great reminder to me whenever I feel sorry for myself. If a 14 year old boy could be so brave and so strong, how can I complain about anything?
  • My family and I grew closer as a result of Dom’s illness and death. We have been there for each other in a much deeper way since then.
  • I get to remember the perfect boy that I loved and who loved me before he became a teen …LOL!
  • I have become a stronger, more determined woman. I am teaching people how to keep their bodies and their children’s bodies healthy through cleansing and eating a raw, vegan diet.
  • My future center in the Phoenix area will include a raw food Academy, a restaurant, a gym and a healing center…this will be dedicated to Dominic and will help thousands of people transform their lives.


Thank you Dominic! Thank you for your life, thank you for all that you taught me and thank you for being such a beautiful example of love, kindness and strength.

May we all be blessed with such a beautiful example in our lives and may our experiences make us stronger and more of who we desire to be.

In love and peace,

Elaina Love

I hope this inspires you as much as it does me. 

To learn more about Elaina and the amazing work she does, please visit her website: http://www.purejoyplanet.com/

In love and health, 

Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC