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Just A Few Of My Favorite Books!

I am obsessed with books. I am obsessed with learning. (I am also obsessed with yellow highlighters.) So, I wanted to share a FEW of my favorite books with you. I’d also love to hear from you....what are YOUR favorite books? 


Just one of my bookcases......

My professional life is so diverse...I’m a massage therapist, holistic health counselor, yoga instructor, watsu therapist and raw foods instructor....so, I am always reading a variety of books to stay up to date and to be able to offer my clients and students new and inspiring information. 

I’m also in LOVE with inspirational and self development books. The Human Spirit living fully self expressed, on fire and passionately alive really turns me on!


So, I’m sharing with you 5 of my favorites here. It was pretty hard to narrow it down!

For my favorite Raw Food Prep book, I have to say Mimi Kirk’s, Live Raw is hands down my favorite. The recipes are divinely delish, the pictures are amazing, each page is just beautiful to look at. Although I’m slightly biased, as I was fortunate enough to actually assist Mimi in working on her dessert section (I actually constructed the peach dessert featured on the cover), the quality of every aspect of this book is outstanding in every way. Mimi herself is a jewel in this community as well!


I love to know the science behind nutrition. (Yes, I'm a little geeky with my glasses and yellow highlighter). And when it comes to the science of raw food nutrition, Brenda Davis and Vesanto Molina are the experts in the field. They have two books out that I love, one on raw food, Becoming Raw and one one vegan food (cooked) Becoming Vegan


I highly recommend that if you are raw or considering a raw diet, that you check out Becoming Raw. It’s important to understand how to create a balanced diet and ensure you are getting the proper nutrients into your body. For me, I follow the science over the Raw Food “Guru’s” who are selling exotic “super foods” that claim to heal everything from foot fungus to dandruff. 

So, check out the science behind raw food from registered dietitians. Brenda and Vesanto Molina also work with The Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, the leading raw foods school in Northern California.

Along the same lines of science, I adore the Dr Oz and Dr Michael Roizens, “You” book series. I believe that, especially in the times we are living in now, we need to educate ourselves to be able to be our own health care advocates. They bring an amazing sense of fun and humor to science and are easy to read and understand. 



In the self enlightenment section I have a hard time picking my favorites. But, what I’m reading at the moment is an amazing book called Psycho-Pictography, by Vernon Howard. I love this book. It is a serious paradigm shifter. It cuts through the limitations we have created for ourselves due to our limited beliefs and thought patterns to create powerful new ways of being and showing up in our lives. 


Here are a few of my favorite concepts in the book:

“Our growth into full personal power is basically a process of discard.... Discard what? 

Unrealistic beliefs

Unworkable assumptions

Painful imaginations

False Illusions

Impulsive decisions

Hazy Judgments”

“Why is it so hard for me to change my attitudes? Because you identify with them, you think you ARE your attitudes. You think that if you abandon these attitudes you will be left empty, without support” When you drop these false attitudes you are able to find your true self with its genuine virtues.....”

“Moving from one corner of a stalled elevator to the other does not carry you upwards, Make sure you are using genuine principles of progress, such as self honesty and sincere intention. Upward movement can be felt, there is no mistaking it.”

Oh..I could go on and on... Definitely on my top 10 list of incredible books of self transformation!

Another favorite inspirational book that I often carry with me, is A Daily Dose of Inspiration, by Alan Cohen. This is a nice little book of short stories, quotes, affirmations and questions for the reader to ponder and reflect on. It is usually in my car or bag so that if I have a few minutes of down time I can read a story or to that gives my soul a pick me up, recharge and uplift. It is also a favorite on my gift list! 


Also, check out yesterdays post on Brian Johnson and the Philosophers Notes http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/2012/02/brian-johnson-and-the-philosophers-notes.html for a list of over 100 of the most amazing inspirational and transformative books out there!


So, what are YOU reading now? What are your all time favorites and why?? Share it!

In Love and Health,

Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC