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My Favorite Raw Food Videos!


Today I was having a conversation with a few friends about how expensive it is to buy raw food at health food stores. I teach raw food classes to empower people to be able to make their own raw food at home for a fraction of the price! So I thought I'd share some of my favorite video's of my favorite RF chefs making "not so difficult" recipes. Please check out the other videos on each chefs page for more inspiring recipes!

Kale chips are a staple in my diet and nearly everyone elses I know but they can be VERY expensive at the market! Here, one of my FAVORITE raw food chefs, Russell James, shows us how to make them at home. 


The lovely and extremely talented Elaina Love shows us how to make Raw Coconut Yogurt, which is another staple in my diet and not so easy to find at markets. Raw Coconut Yogurt is such a healthy way to start your day, full of probiotics! 


Mimi Kirk is such an amazing chef and her book Live Raw, is full of easy to make recipes as well as beautiful pictures. I got to assist Mimi in the dessert section of the book :) Get familiar with Chia Seeds, you can do so much with them! Again, chia is a food I use nearly every day!  Check out her channel for many more videos. 


I was honored to have Jane from Blend It and Mend It, feature the ebook that Ariel Policano and I recently put out. The Carrot Cake Smoothie was a huge success. Jane also featured 20 other recipes from the book, so check them out! See the link below for more info or to order the book. 



And how could I do a blog post on my favorite raw food videos without a Chocolate post OR adding the beautiful Dara to my list of FAV chefs! Learn how to make your own raw chocolate treats and save enough money to put your kids through college! Check out Dara's channel and website for tons of amazing recipes!


By empowering yourself to create your own raw food at home, you save money, empower yourself, take control of your diet, are sure what your eating is local or organic and reduce waste from packaging. 

Creating raw food is really an amazing experience! What are YOUR favorite raw food recipes? 

In love and health,

Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC