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Cleanse America is here!

Spring has sprung and new life is emerging everywhere I look. My body feels it. It's time to wake up and renew. What a perfect time to do a Cleanse! So I'm so excited to share with you a program that's been designed by some of the Top Cleansers out there! Penni Shelton, Paul Risse and Linda Heflin MD, have done an outstanding job laying it all out in an easy to follow 10 day Cleanse program with Daily Video's and recipes from top "Wellness Warriors".

There are a few levels you can choose from, all raw food or juices! Join the Cleanse Bandwagon and wake up to Spring in a healthy FRESH way! The camaraderie you will find here in this virtual community will inspire you to keep taking the next step towards healing your body, mind and spirit. 

Here's what Penni, Paul and Linda have to say.........

Happy Cleansing!~~~Lori


Welcome to Cleanse America!
We invite you to participate in a 10-Day cleanse and be a part of the transformation of a nation!!  We just announced our 1st official cleanse dates, which are: 

Mon. APRIL 9th - Wed. APRIL18th!

The guidelines are simple. For 10 days you eat a 100% raw foods diet (Level 1) or follow a liquid diet (Level 2) of juices, smoothies, elixirs, teas and soups.


Penni Shelton


Paul Risse

Linda Heflin MD

8 Ways to help CLEANSE America become a movement to help transform the nation and beyond.....


1. Ask a coworker, friend, class, church group or your child to join you in this cleanse. It is easier and much more fun to have a partner(s) with whom to to share the experience!

2. Share any videos we put up and make one (or more) of your own. Have fun with the process!

3. Ask your uncle who runs ABC to run a news story about CLEANSE America. Just kidding....and just sayin'

4. Set up a raw potluck in your town and invite guests. Share food, laughter and then ask them if they would like to better their health in just 10 short days.

5. Same idea as above but do a movie marathon night screening Forks over Knives, Average Joe on the Raw and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. 

6. Print up our flyer and post in places you feel led to.....

7. Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter and share a status update telling your friends to check us out.  Also go to www.cleanseamerica.com and subscribe to our mailing list.

8. Write a song, poem or take a beautiful picture that we can share and that will help to inspire people.

If you have registered as a premium participant with CLEANSE America, then you are part of our team and we thank you so much for your willingness to make a difference in your own health and in helping to be part of making the upgrade in the bigger picture.

We are super excited about opening our CLEANSE America community site this afternoon and that is where participants will be able to connect with others from all over the country (and the world), download our recipes and guidelines for cleansing, etc.  

We're pretty sure that the $25 may very well be one of the best investments you can make towards your health and wellness.  For more information on registering, CLICK HERE. To go straight to registration, click here.

To listen to an awesome & informative radio interview that Paul, Karen McCarville (one of our CA Wellness Warriors) & I did yesterday morning on Dallas' KFXR radio, click on the link below to downlown the mp3!


I for one am VERY excited to do the Cleanse! Very excited that it's all been laid out and I don't have to even think much about what to eat or drink....It's all been taken care of! Yeah!  :) Are YOU going to join? 

In love and health!

Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC