Raw Spring Cleanse in Santa Barbara with Ninaya


I met Ninaya about 10 years ago when I came to her retreat center in Corona, California to train in Watsu (Aquatic Bodywork). Ninaya is the embodiment of grace, wisdom and strength. As you will read in her bio, she brings the total package when it comes to health, bodywork, fitness and cleansing. 

Her programs are beautifully put together and offer a wealth of relaxation and knowledge, not to mention AMAZING raw food! 

Even if you don't live near by, this is one to travel for! So, check out what this beautiful woman has to offer!~~~Lori


Ninaya is a certified Nutritional Consultant, and has been Practitioner and Instructor of Colon Hydrotherapy since 1995 through the Internal Environment Institute and I-ACT. She's an omnivore with strong raw food tendencies, a health crusader of seasonal cleansing and balanced lifestyle.

She is also certified as a Yoga and Dance Teacher, an Aquatic Bodyworker, Pre-and Post-Natal Massage Therapist. A passionate wife and mother of two young sons birthed at home. Ninaya now lives in Goleta with her family and has a thriving healing-arts business.

Ninaya produces family yoga and healthy lifestyle retreats all over the world and has worked closely with leading health icons such as Anthony Robbins, Connie Allred and Harold Dull.


Spring Raw Cleanse
A Transformational Program

Saturday April 14, 2012, 10AM - 3PM

Join Ninaya for an action-packed day of tasting and preparing raw and seasonal foods and delicious super food beverages. Explore holistic health remedies and yoga practices that cleanse and balance.

sign up now - cost is $100

Special offer! Sign up for the Raw Cleanse before April 1, and receive 3, 

1 hour private sessions (colonics, massage, consultations) for half price. Total cost $250

Ninaya's Raw Cleanse is an information-packed transformational program;

Kriya (purification practices) and Hatha (physical postures) Yoga.
Powerful Holistic Health Remedies and easy to make Raw Foods Recipes.
Rejuvenating Drinks; Elixirs, Teas, Broths and Fresh Pressed Juices.
Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Internal Organ Cleansing Techniques.
Therapeutic Massage Modalities; Lymphatic Drainage and Watsu Massage.

The Raw Cleanse is an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you, change bad habits into new and vital habits, get expert support with and find out how to face health challenges, addictions, food and weight issues - Invest in your health... Welcome!

Spring is a natural time to cleanse - Cleansing will boost the immune system... Seasonal cleansing is a way to stay health conscious, establish balance, find inner peace and new inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle.

In the Chinese system of the Five Elements, Spring season is correlated to the Wood element, which governs the Liver & Gall Bladder. The emotions associated with wood is joy and anger. The sound is shouting. The color is green. Together we will focus on gently nurturing, cleansing and balancing these organs with seasonal foods and appropriate practices, to generate greater vitality and self-awareness.

To do a cleanse with a group is supportive and powerful, as we learn from and become inspired by others, we also become accountable to the whole group. Participants often make friends, meet for potlucks and juice parties, have incredible realizations and implement a much healthier lifestyle.

Invite your friends and family to join, tell them about this life changing event you are embarking on, ask for their support as you invest in your health and well being.

Come learn and apply powerful health modalities, ask questions and get answers on issues that really concerns us. Have fun making raw and healthy food, explore nurturing healing arts and get deeper in touch with our power of natural healing.

The intention of the Raw Cleanse program is to provides a sacred circle of support, nurturing and self-realization, as well as to provide participants with the information, recipes and remedies to safely and easily enjoy a successful and long lasting cleanse.

What can I do to prepare for the Raw Cleanse program?

Start shifting your diet into a more cleansing diet, filled with fresh organic vegetable juices, fruit, salads and raw live food. Eliminate processed and refined food (sugar, wheat, fried anything), cut out or down on cooked foods, meat, dairy, coffee, alcohol, sodas, cigarettes and drugs. Breathe deeper! Sign up for aseries of colonics before and after the program.


Call Ninaya for more information or visit her website http://www.ninaya.com/


As always, if YOU have an event you'd like to feature, or are up to something awesome (or KNOW someone who is) please contact me at Sagestar@aol.com! We'd love to feature you on the website! 
In Love and Health,
Lori Clayton LMT, CHHC

Bikini Body with Lori Painter!

Bikini Body Program is Coming!

I am so excited to share this program with you today! Lori is a dear friend of mine and I've been blessed by her energy and sense of humor and inspired by her dedication to life, health and to being a mother....(And a HOT mama too!) 

Lori offers amazing programs with enthusiasm and a vibrance that will leave you inspired to create real changes in your life. She is the REAL DEAL. 

So check out what Lori has going on now. Sign up's begin March 1st! 



Calling All Babes!!!

You don’t really want to be the one missing out on all the summer fun because you’ve slacked off on your health program do you? I know I don’t. If you want to shape up and slim down for the summer, don’t do it alone. Join me and other women as we work together to rock out our best bodies yet!

I created an online Bikini Body Program designed for weight loss helping you get the most smokin’ hot body ever without compromising your health. In fact, you’ll be hotter and healthier!  There are so many weight loss programs that are misleading women and they don’t have integrity designed into them. This is my voice standing up and share with you what’s really going on!


Enrollment opens March 1, and the program begins March 18, 2012. 

This is awesome because it begins on the first week of spring and if you follow the plan I guarantee you’ll be sizzling by the first week of summer.


You will learn how to get a smoking hot bod that you’ll never want to cover up with these 6 components: 

  • Align: the mind body component
  • Move: fitness component
  • Cleanse: healing & rejuvenation component
  • Nourish: nutrition component
  • Glow: beauty component
  • Style & Presence: personal best expression component

This multi-media program includes:

  • Video Demos
  • Written & Audio Guides
  • Print outs, worksheets, checklists, and more.

In addition I am including:

  • Support: 6 weekly group coaching sessions with me to streamline and customize your specific journey and to keep you right on track!
  • Accountability: you’ll have access to an online community filled with other awesome women who are right by your side cheering you on.



 To find out more about Lori and her other programs, check out her website:  http://www.lifebylori.com/bikini-body

If you want to experience transparent health, total body confidence and of course rock that bikini, then please enter your email in the box below.


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In Love and Health,
Lori Clayton LMT, CHHC


Introducing Greg Ashby, Holistic Health Counselor



I’m excited to introduce Greg Ashby, Holistic Health Coach and fellow IIN’er (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) http://www.integrativenutrition.com/ who lives near me, here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Greg is also currently a moderator on the IIN student forum!

Greg’s focus, when counseling clients is always on what we IIN’ers call “Primary Foods". Primary Foods are relationships, physical fitness, career, spirituality...essentially everything non edible. Really, no matter how much broccoli you eat, if the rest of your life is out of balance you won’t truly be healthy. 


Greg also attended The Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder, Colorado.

Here’s what Greg has to say about the school....“At the Institute for The Psychology of Eating, they teach that what we eat is only half the story of good nutrition. The other half of the story, our nutritional metabolism is profoundly affected by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It’s directly impacted by our level of stress or relaxation during meals. It’s elevated by the amount of pleasure we receive with eating. It’s energized when we have compassion for our fears about weight and body image. And finally, our metabolism is enlivened when we experience a healthy relationship with the Earth, and with our inner spiritual life.” To learn more about this school, click here: http://psychologyofeating.com/  

Greg works for Askdrgarland.com where he formulates supplemental products, writes health articles and works with clients going through health challenges. At Askdrgarland.com they refer to Greg as "Guru Greg, the Health Maestro"....Below is an article from the website introducing Greg. For more info check out http://www.askdrgarland.com

 Meet “Guru Greg”, the Health Maestro

July 16th, 2010

Every day is special to me. Simple things like watching the sun come up over the mountains in the morning still takes my breath away.

Today is extra special! A wonderful, close friend and I think one of the greatest walking, talking encyclopedia on all matters dealing with natural medicine and health, has agreed to join our team.

We go “way, way back”, to when I first came to America and started out in the little town of Ogden, Utah, over 22 years ago. We met at a true gem of a health food store called Bright Day Health Foods, run by an angel and true missionary of health and healing, Bessie Shafer. I had lunch there every single day, the food was just fabulous. The manager of the store was a dead-ringer for Randy Johnson, the major league baseball pitcher, and I wondered, “what is he doing working in a health food store?”

He sure knew his stuff and day by day, lunch by lunch, we became close friends and confidantes. He is a wealth of information and helped guide me in my own quest for health and recovery from cancer, Greg literally knew the background on the herbs, vitamins and minerals in every single bottle in the store.

We’ve stayed in close contact over the ensuring 22 years and now it is a truly moving event for Dale, Laura and me to welcome Greg to the team. We know you will find him to be a superb source of information and help with any of your health and healing questions and also all of our formulas.

In fact, Greg is the genius behind our new Age-Less Rx formula, featuring his favorite “adaptogenic” herb, Holy Basil, for its anti-stress and anti-inflammatory properties.

And he’s working on several more formulas with us as well!

Greg will also be writing articles for our newsletter and website, available for nutritional, health & lifestyle coaching, and occasionally answering our sales line.

So give the Baghwan of Betterment, the Maestro of Magnificent Health, “Guru Greg” a call now, toll-free at 877-975-9080 x307 or send an email.

“Look after yourself because no one else but GOD will.” (And now also Greg!)

Dr. G

For more on Greg visit his website http://coreessencehealth.com/

I'm so inspired these days as I actively reach out to connect with health folks all over the world. I get to see that we ARE making a difference in the world! Every single on of us that make even "small" contributions create a ripple effect that reaches so many people! So, plant a seed of knowledge and see how it can grow. Person by person we are reaching new heights of health on the planet!

Do YOU have a story to share??? Please email me at Sagestar@aol.com!

Have a beautiful and healthy weekend!

In Love and Health, Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC




Raw Food, Yoga & Wild Dolphins Retreat

Once again, Jenny Yemaya delivers another amazing adventure filled with an abundance of raw treats, juicy yoga and delightful dolphins! Could it get much better? Oh...yes it could! It's in the Bahamas! Check out what Jenny has going on now......... 

Raw Food, Yoga And Wild Dolphins Retreat June to October 2012 – Bimini, Bahamas

Imagine Indulging In A Fabulous, Fun-Filled, Week With Great Friends, Wild Playful Dolphins, Crystal Clear Turquoise Water, Yoga and Gourmet Raw Food

Inspiring Information and A Selection of Transformative Activities That Will Leave You Shining, Singing And Dancing For Joy, While Knowing Exactly What Your Next Step In Life Is!

Jenny Yemaya, Hippocrates Health Educator, Interspecies Communicator & Detox expert is hosting a transformational weeks residential retreat combined with iDetox Holidays unique blend of rejuvenation experiences in the Bahamas. Combined it’s a week not to be missed.

Join us for a residential weeks detox retreat on the island of Bimini, Bahamas & its Atlantean energies to burn off those extra pounds, play with wild dolphins & rejuvenate your spirit. We have an amazing line up of activities for your mind, body & soul…Come & swim with wild, free, playful dolphins in crystal clear turquoise waters of the Bahamas. Enliven your body with Raw Vegan Living foods for optimum health, vitality & longevity.

Residential retreats on the magical island of Bimini, Bahamas with its Atlantean energies, Healing Hole, Fountain of Youth & Stones of Atlantis.

Comfortable, stylish, new accommodations at The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center with spectacular sunrise views. Daily trips out on board our boat to swim with the dolphins & snorkel. Raw, Organic, vegan foods prepared with love by our raw chef using the freshest ingredients for your optimum wellbeing. Educational talks & demonstrations on Raw Living Foods & detoxification. Salute to the sun with daily yoga, pilates and bodywork by the bay or on the beach. Participate in a supportive group enviroment with like minded souls and mind opening sessions. Meditate, laugh, play, or just be. Bliss guaranteed!”

Dear Detox Lovers,

Yes, I know, ,it all sounds like good fun and it is! But the real question is whats really in it for you? Why take time out of your life to come? We aim to immerse you in an environment that supports you, wherever you are on your journey to wellness. Accelerated growth, unlimited energy, superior health and great lasting friendships are just some of what we can give to you. When we do an event we make sure you get 10 times the value out of it for your investment so that you go home feeling abundant on all levels (except your waistline!).

As well as detoxing, celebrating life, meeting new friends, experiencing communal living and generally having a blast, we lay out structures to ensure you set your intention for abundant health & welbeing. That you ground firmly in your body your “ I Am” presence. We ensure you have a plan of what you want to achieve and we do it while smiling, moving and loving it all the way. We want just one thing, to give you the most inspirational transformation in 2012 ever.


Hosting your week & owner facilitator of iDetox Holidays & The ARC is Jenny YemayaHippocrates Health Educator & Raw Dolphins Retreats.
Jenny Yemaya will be talking about her journey with raw foods, her work with dolphins & their power to heal, Atlantean prophecies for the planet as we head into 2012, superfoods & wild food for vibrant health. Jenny Yemaya has been swimming with wild dolphins for the past 13 years, it is her passion to share this blissful experience with others, combined with her role as a health educator in the living foods lifestyle. Her personal story has inspired others on their path to wholeness and her abilities to act as a dolphin magnet underwater have to be seen to be believed! She looks forward to sharing the magic of Bimini with you. Jenny Yemaya also teaches a form of deep transformational breathwork, often described as taking you on an inner journey back to source, flooding your cells with oxygen and light.


For your detox delights, Catering the event is Amanda Ruscoll, the Kitchen Goddess of all things healthy and delicious. Amanda is renowned throughout the US for her delicious innovative and healthy creations. Our raw vegan chef extraordinaire Amanda Russcol from NY, will be titillating your taste buds with an array of living organic cuisine prepared with lots of love! As well as teaching daily yoga inspired by her recent yoga teacher training in India. Amanda is an inspirational Yogi, with a gentle teaching method to assist in all levels of yoga.

There will be a stall for shopping the best products on detox and health, books to inspire & educate & raw goodies available to take home.massages & cranial sacral therapy will also be available (not included in ticket price).

What’s Included in your ticket price:

The residential retreat with new, shared, stylish accommodations at The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center (or separate luxury accommodations by arrangement at Bimini Bay Resort & Spa, ask for prices). Five dolphin excursions (from around 3pm to sunset daily) & 3 extended snorkel trips to The Stones of Atlantis, The Three Sisters Cave & Various coral reefs & wrecks, including complimentary snorkel equipment. Breakfast, lunch & dinner gourmet raw food meals, snacks on the boat, water & herbal teas. Yoga class every morning & daily sessions to include: breathwork guided meditation, food demo’s & nutritional advice. 5 minutes walk to the best beach on the island.

5 dinners, 5 lunchs, 5 breakfasts of raw vegan delights.
5 nights/6 days shared accommodation,
All talks, classes & group activities.

Daily Schedule

  • 8 am – Yoga Class
  • 9:.15 – Breakfast
  • 11 am – Group Session
  • 12.30 – Lunch
  • 1.30 – 3 – Free Time/Beach
  • 3pm- (Sunset) Dolphin Trip
  • 8 pm – Dinner

Sample Menu Breakfasts:

  • Green Smoothie
  • Fruit Salad with Granola Topping and nut milk
  • Chia pudding

Sample Lunch/Dinners:

  • Vegetable Korma and Parsnip Rice
  • Lasagne rolls
  • Pizza – light and crispy, with un-roasted veg and rocket
  • Spring Rolls – courgette and flax wraps with marinated vegetable ribbons
  • Kale Salad
  • Burritos
  • Sun Burgers
  • Chilli
  • …all served with a large green leafy salad


  • Berry Berry Crumble Pie
  • Mango and Passionfruit Ice Cream
  • Strawberry Parfait
  • Chocolicious Brownies
  • Strawberry Lovecake

We hope you can join us for a week of sharing our bliss. Click here for more photos of our previous dolphin retreats.

Your Investment

The week is priced at $1695 for a shared room, (or please enquire for prices for a private room/condo at Bimini Bay Resort). Our scheduled charter flight from Ft Lauderdale is £185pp. Please check on line for the best deals on international flights, we fly to the island from Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Space is limited to 20 people, so we advise booking asap as our retreats sell out fast.
For more information on our Bimini Dolphin Retreat click here: www.rawdolphins.com

INVEST IN FULL (No Hassle Method)

Swim With Dolphins -Bimini Summer Solstice Retreat 17th-22nd June 2012– Shared Room $1695pp

INVEST IN INSTALLMENTS (The Other No Hassle Method ;o)

Swim With Dolphins -Bimini Summer Solstice Retreat  17th-22nd June 2012 – Shared Room 3 X $565pp
Pay your first installment here and then come back and pay twice more. (All payments must be made in full by 2 months prior to the trip to guarantee your spot.)

We look forward to sharing this experience with you,

Jenny Yemaya

PS: This is really going to be the most amazing way transform your 2012. Dont get left behind!



There are no refunds, but tickets can be resold or transferred by prior arrangement at our discretion. Whilst every effort is made to deliver the retreat as listed, sometimes things change beyond our control, so we reserve the right to change details as we see fit. When booking our overseas trips we recommend you taking out travel insurance in case of unforeseen changes that could occur.

Space is limited and our retreats sell out fast, so don’t get left behind!


How amazing does THAT sound? Jenny's retreats are always such an adventure of the senses! Treat yourself to a BLISSFUL week!

In Love and Health,

Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC



Sweet Love Revival Retreat in Deer Valley, Utah!

A few weeks ago, I went to my first Utah Retreat since moving here 8 months ago from Southern California. It was a blissful, all women's weekend filled with a variety of inspired activities, food and classes.
Two of my favorite activities were sending off Chinese Lanterns into the night sky filled with all of the "baggage" we were ready to let go of in our lives. The second, was a Life Visioning Circle led by Lauri Grimshaw-Cox. who sweetly led us though discovering what really brought us happiness and joy in our lives, not just the "surface" stuff like our kids, husbands or work, but the deeper stuff, which for me was being in the mountains, the wind and rocks (there was more but I REALLY like rocks). She then showed us how to really claim a fully self expressed life, and live in that joy. 
Lauri brings a very unique and sweet spirit to her work. She has the most darling sense of humor that left me in tears on several occasions, but it was the depth of her understanding of her Life Visioning work that really moved and inspired me.
So, here I bring you, what is sure to be an amazing and transformative weekend with Lauri and Dawni in one of the most beautiful areas of Utah! PLEASE check out the amazing deal they have going on until February 25th!  

Are you ready to experience two days of Sweet Self Loving, Spirit Reviving, Soul Unleashing, Creative Self Discovering mixed With Pure Positive Rockin Fun?
Join Lauri and Dawni April 20-22, 2012 in Park City UT and enjoy a life enriching experience surrounded by natures breathtaking beauty. 

If you are ready to Connect to the Divine Within, Create A Life You Love and Deserve and Gift Yourself with the Time and Space to Dream, Laugh, Play, Create and Rest from everyday life then this is the Perfect Place for You.

All of this and more will be your experience in the comfort of a beautiful, safe, loving, nurturing space.  

This all-inclusive weekend retreat includes:
  • A Two night stay in a beautiful upscale home in the heart of Deer Valley Resort
  • Hot Tub, Pool Table, Ping Pong Table
  • Amazing Mountain Scenery
  • ALL the FRESH Crisp Mountain Air you can breath in
  • Shared relaxing sleeping accommodations on beds and comfy air mattresses
  • Six Love Infused Meals, Two Gourmet Deserts, Snacks and Beverages
  • Soul Inspired Life Changing Fun Workshops designed by Lauri and Dawni
  • Art Goddess Project With Lauri
  • Photo Shoot With Dawni
  • All Class Supplies
  • GIFTS, Surprises, Love Tokens
  • Magic Carpet Rides!
  • Transportation to and from is not provided
  • This is a 100% drug and alcohol free event. No Exceptions Please.
You Will Experience:
  • Play, Fun, Aliveness, Self Acceptance/Love, Enlightenment
  • Pure Positive Energy
  • Authentic Connections with other Soul Inspired Women Just Like You
  • Joy and Rapture through dance, movement, music, nature, song and stillness
  • AH HA's!
  • LOVE, pure true love Sourced from inside of YOU!
  • And Whatever else YOU Choose to. Your Experience Will Be whatever you Make it.

Retreat Details

Your Co Hostess Lauri...
IMG00046-20110210-1214 (2)

As a Thriving Artist/Creative Entrepreneur and Certified Life Vision Expert Lauri has a no nonsense, honest and  loving spiritual approach to helping others own their life, take back their power and dream big while creating a new paradigm in their thinking. 

Lauri will lovingly guide you through a powerful journey of creating your Soul Inspired Life Mission Statement, discovering your life purpose and how to dream big to start creating the life you dream of and deserve. No matter where you are in your personal journey of discovery will not matter, you will begin where you are. Each woman's journey is sacred and different, yet in many ways we are all so similar. Lauri has a amazing ability to help others see the "other side of a story" to then understand how to see and use your challenges in life asGifts rather than roadblocks that prevent you from moving out of pain, fear and your past to then move forward as thriving, happy, self loving human beings.
  • If  you want to create an even more powerful, life changing experience through this workshop the Life Visioning E-Course offered in her Life Alchemy Mentoring Program is highly recommend (but not required for the retreat). You can upgrade to the VIP Life Alchemy package when registering for the retreat and actually begin your Powerful Life Visioning Journey before the retreat!   Read about Life Alchemy HERE
Lauri will also be leading the group through a Fun, Liberating, Free Form, Soul Inspired Art Project. Dawni will then help reveal where you are Not Living In Your Full Power so you can then begin to! Not a stitch of creative knowledge or experience needed!

Your Co Hostess Dawni... 

As the Self Love Guru, Dawni has a way of capturing an audience with her "Don't Take Yourself So Seriously!" attitude. Dawni is fantastic at uplifting, inspiring and making you laugh out loud at yourself as you see the silliness in your ways. Her fun loving "preacher girl" style makes you want to stand up and say YES to pure uninhibited Self Love.
She is SO passionate and enthusiastic about it you can bet she will be Preachin IT, hence Sweet Love Revivial was the perfect name for the retreat. 
Dawni will be your Love Guide as she takes you through a powerful process of opening up, releasing regrets and stepping in to LOVING yourself! You will love this! 

To top the already spectacular weekend off  you will recieve a photo shoot with Dawni that shows off your own unique flair and deep internal beauty.

Together, Dawni and Lauri are the perfect compliment for eachother and you will leave feeling empowered, loved, ready to dream big and inspired to begin to create the life you truly deserve.
Agenda (Lauri's A Planner, Dawni Is Not. Schedule will be Tweaked to go with the FLOW!):
Friday April 20
Guests Arrive, bedroom arrangements, meet and greet, light welcome snack
4:30pm-Moon pm
Dawni and Lauri -Welcome, Love, Inspire!
Sacred Circle, Intention Setting
Love Infused Dinner
Dawni -Self Love Workshop and incredible FUN

Saturday April 21 - All Day Self Love, Life Visioning and Creative Intensives 
Hello Goddess- Morning Stretch & Movement
In Touch with Mother Nature, Self Care
Love Infused Breakfast
Morning Workshops & Light Snacks
Love Infused Lunch
In Touch with Mother Nature, Self Care
Afternoon Workshops & Light Snacks
5:30pm- Moon pm
In Touch with Mother Nature, Self Care
Love Infused Gourmet Dinner
Evening Workshop
Moon Girl Goddess Party and Dessert!

Sunday April 22
Hello Goddess- Morning Stretch & Movement
In Touch with Mother Nature, Self Care
Love Infused Breakfast
Morning Workshops & Light Snacks
Gourmet Lunch
Sacred Circle
Departure 3-5pm

Please plan to arrive by 3pm Friday, no later than 4pm.
Please plan to leave no earlier than 3pm Sunday and no later than 5pm

Deer valley3_Panorama_edited-1


Located in on of the most spectacular places on earth, Park City Utah, known for it historic community, upscale homes, ski resorts, restaurants, shopping and scenery is also is vacationed by thousands around the globe. It is also the location for the Sundance Film Festival.

Our amazing retreat location is nestled in the heart of Deer Valley Ski Resort (Located 40 Minutes from the Salt Lake City Airport).


Today is Your LUCKY Day!! 
As a guest at our 1st time event we have decided to offer an insane!
Early Birdy Discount. 
The retreat tuition is $999 
BUT through February 25, 2012 we are 
offering a Early Birdy Price of  
ONLY $299 
($700 OFF)!
AND we are also offering a very generous and easy payment plan...yup, even for the $299

(Be sure to also check out the VIP Life Alchemy Program Upgrade below.) 

To secure your spot and the limited time special pricing:
  • Pay In Full Today
  • OR pay your $100 deposit. The balance plus a $25 Payment Plan Fee will be due in full by March 31, 2012
    • An Additional $25 per week will be accessed for unpaid balance after March 31. 
    • You are welcome to make payments or pay balance in full prior to March 31. 
Terms: Payment and deposits are non refundable but they are transferable to another person for this retreat only.  In the event you need to cancel it will be your responsibility to find your replacement. 

Need more details? Email Lauri at ArtGirl@EpiphaniesOfAnArtgirl.com 

Sweet Love Revival April 20 2012

Why such a discount? 
Our vision is to grow our retreat into one of the best, high impact, high value retreats in the country 
and we are asking for YOU, as our 1st time guests, to help us do that. By attending YOU will play a key part in helping us to fulfill our dreams by providing us valuable feedback in return for allowing us to do what we are SO DARN GOOD at while discovering ways to make it even BETTER!
By creating THE best retreat experience possible we can continue to live our dreams and use our
 lives, knowledge and talents to help, serve and impact more woman around the world.

Our promise to you is a weekend of fabulous food, amazing scenery, gorgeous accommodations, self love, magic, transformation and FUN!

Upon Payment Registration (within 48 hours) you will be emailed with a contract/application from ArtGirl@EpiphaniesOfAnArtGirl.com. PLEASE add Lauri to your safe senders list and be SURE to check your SPAM Folder! 

VIP Life Alchemy Upgrade:
Register for the Life Alchemy Life Visioning ECourse PRIOR to the retreat and receive:
  • $50 OFF ($299 value)
  • PLUS 60 minute Mentoring Call ($99 value) 
  • PLUS extra special private & group mentoring at the retreat ($500+ Value).
Pay Only $249

Register (Pay In Full) for Life Alchemy and you will receive access to the E-Course within 24-48 hours and you can begin creating your Ideal Life NOW which will make the amazing retreat experience even more powerful for you
OR register between April 14-18 and you will receive your access at the retreat.    

Retreat VIP Life Alchemy Upgrade

Again, this is a retreat sure to leave you transformed, enlivened and touched! Enjoy!

In Love and Health, Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC

Awesome Events with Anthony Anderson in Miami and Chef BeLive in LA!

Over on the East Coast an event not to be missed! 


Anthony Anderson, a green blogger, organic gardener, and international male model will be speaking about Growing Paradise. Much more than a gardening lecture, this talk is about designing a lifestyle of abundance, freedom, and health on every level. From the keys to starting an organic garden and even a food forest, to creating a body and home that reflects a balance with nature. A Q&A will follow the talk, and an exercise demo will be included. Join him in his misson of growing paradise on the planet, in our yards, and in ourselves.



There is no fee, just bring your desire to learn and grow! It's gonna be amazing!

Please send your RSVP to my inbox as space is limited ... THANK YOU!


You can also look forward to a couple of hrs of workshop with him on March 3rd @ SOUTH BEACH ACTIVE Gym on 1400 Alton Rd , Miami Beach where he will share all his exercise and fitness secrets for quick results with the least effort. From core ab workouts, to lower body, chest, arms, and much more. After the workout, he will discuss his dietary style, his approach to meals, snacks, food on the go, and ways to eat quality foods without breaking the bank. Join him for this very informative and inspirational workshop. 
(cost $35 per person , members $25) 

If anyone wishes to book him for personal consultation please email directly. Everybody will be delighted to meet this beautiful inside and out light being :) 

Growing Positive Green Solutions!




Over on the West Coast we have Chef BeLive representing!


Chef BeLive and Pisces Bday celebration w/KVBL benefit

 Saturday, March 3, 2012  6:00pm until 3:00am

Peace Yoga 903 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Chef BeLive, Jon Nash, Stephen Huntsman, Nate James and ALL Pisces birthday celebration with Kids Venice Basketball League benefit. http://www.KVBL.org/

I was fortunate to be involved with KVBL a few years ago teaching yoga to the kids and serving up some raw food along side Chef BeLive. It was a beautiful and inspirational day. ~~Lori


KVBL's Mission Statement.....

At no cost to the children or their families, the KVBL kids are exposed to the following: serious basketball training with some of the League’s premiere players and celebrities, Yoga, Surfing, Fitness instruction from world-renowned Trainers, fitness facts and lessons from vegan nutrition professionals, weekly take-home health, fitness challenges, organic breakfasts and lunches prepared on site by gourmet chefs. The KVBL shows the kids how simple healthy eating can be, also an introduction to the practices and principles of organic gardening and sustainable living. The boys and girls are also given an opportunity to play during the half time of one of the featured league games each Sunday allowing them to shine at the VBL basketball tournament.

This is going to be a RAWKin RAWsome event with raw living cuisine by the RAWmazing Chef Cheri Rae. 


Live musicians that are confirmed so far are Ship of the Rising Sun, Tree Union, Clayton Joseph Scott, Fabiano Do Nascimento and more to be announced.

There will be DJ's too (To be announced)

Come join the Pisconic Adventure! No need to sign up, just show up!

Love Love Love~ ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!

From the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between, there are raw food events everywhere! Do YOU have an awesome event in the natural health realm you would like to have featured? Email me at Sagestar@aol.com!
In Love and Health,
Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC


Heart Opening Yoga


Continuing with a Heart Centered week, let’s roll into a few Heart Chakra Opening Yoga Poses. I have been teaching yoga for about 7 years. I trained at Yogaworks in Costa Mesa, Ca. My favorite form of yoga to teach at the moment in Yin Yoga, but I teach Iyengar style and a "slow flow" vinyasa style as well. The breath and heart are always the focus of my classes. 

The center of the chest is where the Heart Chakra, or “Anahata” Chakra is located. In Sanskrit, Anahata means unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten. It is connected to the Thymus endocrine gland and associated with the color green.

Most the time what’s going on in our emotional life shows up in our physical body. But we can also manifest emotions by what we are displaying in our physical bodies.

When we look on a physical level, we can see that if we are sad or depressed, our posture gives us away every time. Our shoulders are rounded, slumped, and the chest is collapsed and the heart is totally closed off. Conversely, a person who is happy, has good posture and is holding their head high and shoulders are back and the heart is open. The Heart Chakra is also connected with heart conditions, asthma, lung & breast cancers, thoracic spine, pneumonia, upper back and shoulder problems.


On an energetic level, the Heart Chakra is connected to emotional empowerment, forgiveness, unconditional love, letting go, trust, compassion, compassion, confidence, inspiration, hope, generosity and connections or "heart strings" to those we love. An imbalance in the Heart Chakra manifests things like despair, hate, envy, fear jealousy, and anger.

Doing a Heart Opening Meditation such as the one I posted this week http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/2012/02/heart-centered-meditation.html is a beautiful and powerful way to open, balance and reconnect with the heart. 

There are also many yoga poses that open the heart center. Opening this area not only opens the energy center, but allows oxygen, fresh blood supply to enter the entire area and opens the muscles in the chest, rib cage and back. 

Here are a few of my favorite heart opening yoga poses.

A simple seated twist warms the spine and begins to open the chest. Twists also "wring" out the organs and the intestines. Hold the twist for 1-2 minutes on each side. Breath in and out through the nose. 


Supported Bridge Pose further opens the chest area, stretches the hip flexors, strengthens the legs and arms and gives a gentle backbend. Hold a minute or two. If you have low pain pain come out of the pose. As you lower, tuck your tailbone and draw your knees to your chest for a few breaths.


Camel Pose (with or without a blanket under your feet) opens the heart area, is a backbend, hip flexor and psoas stretch. If there is any pain, come out and rest in child's pose. Stay in the pose for up to 1 minute.


Reclined Hero's Pose can be practiced with or without blankets depending on your level of flexibility. If you have any low back injuries uses blankets and only practice this pose if you feel no pain. This is a deep hip flexor and psoas stretch as well. Once you are comfortable in the pose it becomes a nice way to spend 5-10 minutes.  

A simple supported backbend opens the heart and upper back. Stay here as long as you would like.


Reclined Bound Cobblers pose aka Supta Baddha Konasana, is by far one of my favorite heart openers. This is a gentle supported backbend and hip opener. Spend as much time as you would like here.


This gentle supported twist is a nice way to end a practice. Stay in the pose for 3-5 minutes on each side.

End your practice with a gentle seated forward fold or childs pose to neutralize the back. Then lay down on the floor for a few minutes in Savasana.

Most heart openers require you to bend your spine backwards. To avoid injury to your lower back, tip your tailbone down and forward, flattening your lower back for all of these poses. Allow only your upper back to curve backwards. If you feel pain in your spine, stop what you are doing. If you have any history of back injury, consult your doctor and avoid these poses.

Hope you enjoy!

In Love and Health, Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC



My Heart Opening Journey

Due to some events out of my control, the "Heart Opening Yoga Practice", will be featured tomorrow and I am posting myself as the featured person this week....My featured person for tomorrow will be up next week. My story is of my journey from depression and alcohol abuse, from the loss of my young daughter from leukemia, into healing and raw foods. Anyone can heal their hearts.......


My long journey into a healthy lifestyle and raw foods and began about 20 years ago when I took my 4 yr old daughter Brittany, to the doctor with what I believed to be the flu, dragging along my then 2 yr old son. Within minutes of being seen they realized this was no flu. She was transported to CHOC hospital in Fountain Valley, Ca where she was diagnosed with leukemia.

I was 23 at the time and was living a very unhealthy life. This included lots of drinking and partying and a not-so-good diet. I knew nothing about the “health industry” and I didnʼt care. I had no idea that there were alternative ways of treating disease. I went along with everything the doctors told us needed to be done. She was immediately given a blood transfusion. Chemotherapy soon followed. My husband at the time was in the Gulf War and we were in the middle of a divorce. He soon was sent home to be with her.

Old utah 033

A few people started telling me about Energy Work and various healing modalities so I started looking for additional ways of helping her. I went into a New Age book store and started asking about healers etc and a woman turned around and said she would like to help me. She, along with two of her friends came to the hospital the next day. They were Reiki Masters and Massage Therapists. They worked with her nearly every day. They helped profoundly with her pain and anxiety. They wrote words like “Love” and “Heal” on her medications. They did massage and energy work. I started asking questions and shifting a bit. This was my introduction to another world. Little did I know what was in store for me.

Old utah 025

Within a month and a half her leukemia had gone into remission. We thought all was well. She was due to be released to go home in a week. On a Saturday they realized something else was going on. She had a very rare fungal infection that had destroyed her organs and left them like tissue paper. She went into a coma. My dear healer friends came to the hospital and we were doing a healing circle, Brittany, still in a coma, sat up and pushed our hands away and laid back down into a coma. We knew what she was telling us.

The next day we were told we needed to make a decision about life support. Understanding that there was no chance of her ever surviving this, we had to make the most compassionate yet hardest decision Iʼve ever had to make. We took her off life support. And with the help of our healer “Angels” we held the space for her to make her transition.

Old utah 029

Holding her in my arms and talking to her even though she was in a coma until her heart beat itʼs last beat, was the hardest thing I will ever have to face in this life. I was broken hearted. It was only shock that got me through the first few weeks. After that it was alcohol. I drank all day and all night. I had to send my 2 year old son to stay with my Aunt in Utah. I blamed myself. I should have been a better Mom, I should have known something was wrong sooner…on and on….

Nearly a year and two attempted suicides later and having nearly drank myself to death, I woke up one morning and realized I just could NOT go on living like this and I needed to be there for my son. I also knew my little angel would never want this for me.

I decided to go to massage school and try and give back what our healer Angels had given to my daughter. I wanted to work with people who were sick to honor her and help others.

I moved to Utah to go to school and started taking the steps to get my life back together. It wasnʼt an easy journey. If it hadnʼt been for my amazing family I would have never survived and neither would my son. There were, and STILL are very challenging times. I also ended up in a relationship and got another amazing son out of it who is now 17.

After going through massage school and moving back to California I began practicing massage and loved it. Although it was too painful to work full time with people who were dying at the time, I did from time to time work with cancer patients. I found a lot of reward in that. I asked a lot of questions about their lifestyle and diet. (I have since started working with MANY cancer patients) I started to question if there were other ways of healing and/or preventing disease in the first place.

The Food Connection

 As I look back now I see that I was still surviving in shock mode and had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But I didnʼt know that even existed. But, I did know I had to “hold it together” and “not be weak” I had stuff to take care of. So thatʼs what I did. I disconnected. I found I could care for others in a very compassionate way and still block off my OWN feelings. It was easier to focus on OTHER peoples problems than my own.

I began emotional eating habits and went deeper into a sugar addiction. I tried to tuned out the sadness. I felt that if I allowed myself to go into my emotions I would collapse and never recover. I had to “stay in control” I was in a pattern of fight or flight nearly constantly. I had insomnia for years. I was always worried about the “what ifʼs”. I took my boys to the doctor for everything! I had panic attacks all the time (Which now I realize were blood sugar issues) I developed a Hyperthyroid issue. My hair was falling out and my heart was racing all the time and I had terrible digestive issues. I ate ALL the time but was very thin. I believe this was a result of chronic stress and anxiety.. I literally short circuited my body. Yoga and working with my breath help immensely.


My whole & raw food journey begins

Over the years I did a lot of reading and studying nutrition and health and about everything I could find to read. I went on the get certified as a personal trainer, yoga instructor,, watsu therapist (warm water bodywork) and eventually a certified raw food chef. This past April I graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach.

Five years ago when I heard of the “Raw Food Movement” and as I looked into it I really put up a good argument as to why this was a ridiculous idea. Itʼs funny to think about my reasoning now, but I do still reflect on those thoughts often as I work with clients who have never heard of “Raw Foods”. For those on a Traditional aka SAD diet they have no idea that such a thing exists let alone WHAT you could possibly EAT on such a diet! I now practice and advocate a "High Raw" diet.

I did more reading and started trying recipes. I started with the standard Green Smoothies and worked up from there. I got certified as a Raw Food Instructor and started teaching classes. I loved sharing this new world I had found and I loved seeing the results people were getting from changing their diets.
Some things I realized was that I had an addiction to sugar and “comfort foods” and was very sensitive to how sugar had been affecting my moods and energy levels. I also realized how I was using food to numb out and cover up feelings. When I felt like I was getting sad or angry or something happened I couldnʼt face, I just turned to food. I “stuffed” the feelings away. I “sweetened” up my life with sugar. The foods I chose gave me a sense of happiness. Now I realize how I was using food and sugar as a drug.

I was also having horrible digestive problems and started experimenting with no dairy and no meat. I went vegetarian and then vegan. It was a process of letting go of a few things at a time to see if I could tell what helped.

During this time I was realizing that as I started shifting my diet, huge emotions would come up. The more present and clear I became, the more I started paying attention to the deeper voice inside me I realized the digestive disorder felt more like “Emotions I couldnʼt stomach” “Emotions I couldnʼt process” And when I started having constipation there was “All the shit I couldnʼt let go of” As I worked with my diet AND my emotions my digestive problems started to clear up. This is an ongoing practice. (Life doesnʼt stop throwing stuff at you just because you eat raw food, you just have more energy and are more clear to handle it!)

I let go of more processed foods and sugar and replaced them with whole foods and raw foods I felt better and better. I had more energy and my thoughts were more clear. The depression began lifting a little at a time, my skin became more clear.

At this time I was also in a marriage where I wasnʼt very happy. I was depressed most of the time and felt very unfulfilled in my life. Again food and alcohol came in to help keep the feelings in check. But now I was in a place to recognize what I was doing and was able to get myself in check. It took a few years for me to realize that I had done all I could do with the marriage and trying to make it work. So I finally found the courage to leave. I knew I was in the wrong place and not on my path. He was a wonderful man but not the right man for me. I knew I needed to be in another place.

A Deeper Healing
I had been doing a High Raw diet for a few years and teaching classes. What I was realizing more and more is that unless I was working on my emotions, patterns, exercising and connecting to nature, no matter how much raw food I ate I was feeling 100%. I was feeling really GOOD eating a HIGH RAW diet but when all the other components came into the mix, I was on FIRE!

The more in tune I became with my body I realized how sensitive I was to foods and that I had never even noticed how food effected my moods and energy level and sleep. I believe that I had depleted a lot of nutrients and disrupted my hormones with the bad diet and chronic stress so there was a lot of rebuilding to do.

I used LOTS of greens like spinach, kale, dandelion, chard and collard greens, purslane and even wild nettles! I added superfoods into my diet like hemp and chia seeds, green powders etc… And began taking 5 -HTP, a natural amino acid,  to regulate my serotonin levels. I was very careful with too much fruit as I noticed I was very sensitive the sugar in most fruit. I did a lot of green juices but little fruit juice.

I watched the time I ate and how certain food effected me at different times of the day. I found I needed more dense food in the morning or I was spacey and very low sugar food in the evening or I would have blood sugar reactions and couldnʼt sleep.

But I also found when working with clients that these same principles didnʼt always apply to everyone. My friend told me about the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and that I should check it out. This is their model. They teach Bioindividuality with diet and counseling. I decided to enroll and start working with clients in a health counseling setting. I enrolled! I graduated from Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in April 2011 as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor!

I moved home to Utah 2 1/2 months ago after leaving my marriage. It was a very scary thing to do. But as I settle into my new life I have chosen to stay very present and keep working on my patterns and fears etc. As I stay on my path of being present and keep a High Raw diet I get more clear every day. Each day I have been here there have been “miracles”, sychronicities and doors keep opening up for me.

A friend of mine told me a few days ago that when you are on your path these syncronicities happen easily. When your not, your life wonʼt be going so smooth. I have also found that when I am NOT eating a great diet, the doors donʼt open so well. I see food as a vibration you are putting into your body. The more natural and unprocessed the food is…like RAW FOOD…the higher the vibration. Processed, fake food leaves you with a much lower vibration.

Raw food has dramatically changed my life. I am no longer on thyroid medication and my digestive issues have cleared up, I no longer have insomnia, and the severe depression has cleared up. Iʼm not saying raw food is magic, I still work on myself every day. I practice yoga, meditation, listen to uplifting music, hike and connect to nature daily, journal, take some supplements and read amazing books….But diet is at the heart and center of all of it.

Into The Now

Doors have begun opening up for amazing opportunities in the raw food world. I am starting to see counseling clients and teach raw foods classes up here in Utah. I radiate joy, happiness, gratitude, energy and an amazing sense of aliveness! I have also gone through an amazing education system called Landmark Forum, which has been life changing! 

I do know that if I was eating burgers and pizza I would never be able to have the same sense of joy and clarity.

I feel so blessed to be able to be where I am now in my life. I reflect on where I was 20 years ago often. In my yoga practice there is a mantra I like and have chosen one Sanskrit word to use for myself when I get in a funk. Namo. It means “I bow” for me this means “I bow to the darkness in my life from the past for without it I would not be where I am today and I would never be able to have the perspective I have on life. I bow to the amazing and awesome things in my life and am grateful beyond belief. I bow to it ALL. Itʼs an amazing journey!”

I am also able to understand and have empathy and compassion for people I come in contact with every day! I am blessed with two amazing sons, now 22 and 17 whom I cherish!

You can reach me on Facebook (search for Lori Clayton), or my email Sagestar@aol.com or my website http://www.pureblisshealth.com/ I offer Holistic Health Counseling Programs, Private or Group Raw Food Classes, Raw Food To Go, Specialty Raw Desserts, Yoga and Massage. I will also be offering Retreats soon with other amazing healers!

Thanks for reading my story! Namaste!

-Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC


Heart Centered Meditation

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.
-- Author Unknown


Continuing with a Heart Centered week, I've written a Heart Centered Meditation for you!

Taking some time to focus on opening and healing the heart center has many benefits. Not only are we opening to giving and receiving love, we are opening the physical space in our heart and lungs. Most of us walk around with shallow breathing and bad posture, rolling our shoulders in and collapsing our heart and lung area. Not only does this look bad, it decreases our oxygen consumption.

Most people only use 20% of their lung capacity...Yikes! Did you know that cancer cells can not survive in oxygen rich environments? Did I just hear a giant collective inhale? I thought so. 

A few of the benefits of meditation are relaxation, lowered blood pressure, reduced anxiety, enhanced immune system, reduced headaches. Meditation releases endorphins to the brain, helps insomnia, increases focus, creativity and brings peace of mind. 

Take a few moments to tune into your heart today. Fill and renew your Spirit. Open you heart. Open your lungs and take in some oxygen! As you move more and more into a place of love, remember, Love is a verb....it is an ACTION. Be "LOVE IN ACTION" in all you do! 

Here's one of my favorite meditation songs by the amazing R. Carlos Nakai. Listen as you read through and practice the meditation.  


Heart Centered Meditation

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for this time. Turn off the phone. Put a note on the door if needed. Remove your shoes and any restrictive clothing. Make sure you are warm enough. Get comfortable but don’t lay down.

Sit in either a chair or on the ground with crossed legs. Keep your spine straight. Shoulders are back and down, lift through your head. Hands rest palm up on your knees.  

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for a few seconds and exhale through your mouth with a big “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.......” releasing any tension, stress, worry. Inhale again, breathing in peace and love. Take two more breaths like this, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth.

Begin to feel "roots" growing from your sitting bones or feet, deep into the Earth. Feel your connection to the Earth. Feel grounded, supported and present. 

Take a deep inhale and lift your awareness though your spine and into the top of your head. Imagine a beam of light radiating from the crown of your head out into the Universe and feel your connection to Spirit. Feel your connection to pure love, sweetness, joy and beauty.

As you exhale, feel the Spirit energy flowing back into the crown of the head all the way down into your roots. Inhale and draw Earth energy all the way up the spine and into the head, into Spirit energy and back down on the exhale. Keep your breath flow moving up and down the spine for a few moments.

When you feel centered and peaceful start to bring your awareness into your heart center. Imagine you are breathing in and out though your heart. Feel your heart softening and opening. Begin to slow your breath, lengthening your inhales and exhales. Keep your focus on your breath. Being present to each inhale, each exhale. 

Imagine there is a soft pink ball of love light sitting in your heart center. As you inhale, draw your breath into the ball of love light see it begin to expand. As you exhale, feel the light begin to radiate out into the rest of your body. Inhale and draw love and peace into your heart. Let the light expand even further into your body.

Exhale, feel heart energy flow out of your body and into the space around you. With each inhale and exhale, continue the expansion of love energy flowing into your heart and flowing out into the world, letting it reach deeper into your body and further out into the world. 

Feel your open and joyful heart ready to accept love. Ready to give love. Ready to act in love. Knowing that what you project into the world will begin to be mirrored back to you. Choose to love with a fully expressed heart, knowing you are safe. You are loved. You are joy. You are pure potential. Pure bliss. Pure love. You are divine inspiration. You are whole. You are perfect. You are enough. 

Take as much time here as needed.

When you feel ready, begin to feel the pink ball of love light again centered in your heart space. Simply feel your breath flowing in and out of your heart. Smile.

Feel your roots. Begin to feel grounded and centered. Take an inhale and lift your arms over your head. Bring your palms together and lower them to your heart in prayer pose. 

Take a few breaths here in gratitude for your Heart. Take a few breaths in gratitude for the Earth. Take a few breaths in gratitude for the Spirit. 

Take a deep inhale and, in your mind or out loud, take a long Om or an Amen.

When you feel ready, slowly begin to open your eyes. Know that throughout your day you can close your eyes and take a few breaths and tune into this love energy whenever you need it. It flows from an unlimited source and is always present and available. 


Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower.
-- Shigenori Kameoka

Have a Blissed and Blessed day!

In Love and Health, Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC














Valentine's Day Sweetness!


Happy Valentines Day! Wishing everyone love, joy, peace, health and a little sweetness! Here's a few recipes for some sweet treats. They are my adaptaions from the AMAZING raw dessert book Sweet Gratitude by Matthew Rogers and Tiziana Alipo Tamborra of Cafe Gratitude. 

Two years ago I was so blessed and lucky to have had an all day, private, raw dessert "in home" class with Sergei Anisimov, one of Cafe Gratitudes dessert chefs and raw chocolatiers! What an amazing day that was! 

If you love raw desserts like I do, this is a must have book! It is filled with every kind of scrumptious treat you could ever imagine! http://www.cafegratitudestore.com/sweetgratitude.html 


Strawberry Cheese Cake

Pecan Crust

  • 1 1/2 cups pecans
  • 1/2 cup coconut flakes
  • 1/8 cup date or raisin paste
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
  • pinch salt

Process all ingredients in a processor till crumbly. Press into a spring form pan.

Strawberry Filling


  • 2 1/2 cups cashews, soaked 20 minutes
  • 4 cups strawberries,  blackberries or raspberries
  • 1/2 cup coconut butter
  • 3/4 cup coconut or almond milk
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3 tablespoons lecithin
  • 1 cup coconut oil

Blend in a high speed blender till smooth and creamy. Pour into crust pan. Place in the freezer for several hours until firm. To serve, remove from pan and let thaw for 1/2 hour or so. Drizzle with Chocolate Sauce and garnish with berries and a mint leaf. 

Chocolate Sauce


  • 1 cup almond or coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup cacao powder
  • 1/2 cup coconut syrup, agave or honey
  • 1/4 cup coconut butter
  • 1/4 cup vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup date or raisin paste
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Blend in a high speed blender until very smooth. 

Chocolate Ice Cream


  • 1 1/2 cup almond, pecan or coconut milk
  • 1 cup cashews, soaked 20 minutes
  • 1/2 cup date or raisin paste
  • 1/4 cup cacao powder
  • 1/4 cup coconut butter
  • 3 tablespoons vanilla extract
  • 2 tablespoons lecithin 
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt

Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth and creamy. Pour into an ice cream maker and follow directions. Add 1/4 cup of walnuts or cacao nibs if desired. 


Have a beautiful Valentines Day!

In Love and Health, Lori Clayton, LMT, CHHC